40 Double Date Ideas That You’ll All Enjoy

We’ve got double date ideas for all kinds of couples!

Fancy a double date this Valentine’s Day? Coming up with ideas for double dates can be a little daunting. You want to make sure everyone’s happy and enjoying themselves.

Whether it’s galentine’s ideas you’re after or a double date with another couple, we’ve got some cute double date ideas across, food, drink, active, creative and cosy ideas to choose from.

Food and drink double date ideas

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Here’s some food and drink ideas you can indulge in as a double date. Get them for less when you use our food and drink student discounts too.

1. Go on a bar crawl

Do you all like a good drink? Plan a bar crawl around your town or city to sample the best drinks they have to offer.

2. Make a fancy meal at home

Whether you’re curious about making your favourite vegan recipes at home or you’re all a bit skint, why not try recreating your favourite restaurant meals on a budget?

And if you need some inspiration, here are some ideas for romantic meal ideas on a student budget:

3. Go on a bottomless brunch

Bottomless brunches are fun, tasty and are a great way to kick off your double date.

4. Go on a food crawl

Sample tons of street foods and independent restaurants in your local area together.

5. Try a Korean BBQ restaurant

Nothing says double date like cooking your own food together around a hot plate. Korean and Chinese BBQs are a really popular group activity!

6. Order takeaway for a night in

Fancy a night in? Make a huge group order from your favourite local restaurant or takeaway.

7. Shop a pound-menu date

Go round all the places you know of with a £1 menu or have items worth £1 or less. Bring them back and share them as a group.

8. Have a wine and cheese night

Get both couples to bring their own wine, cheese and have a night of sharing them all.

Active double date ideas


1. Rock climbing

Fancy a thrill and full-body challenge? Take your group rock climbing for something a little different. Not for the faint of heart.

2. Go hiking

If rock climbing is a bit OTT, find a place to hike instead and settle at a local pub after you’re done.

3. Play mini golf

Nothing like a little couple vs couple challenge. Have a laugh by playing mini golf together.

4. Play an escape room

Fancy working as a team? Try and escape a room of your choosing by solving various puzzles and testing your teamwork skills.

5. Go on a road trip across the country

Does one of you drive? Try a roadtrip across the UK to take in some hidden gems and scenery.

6. Visit a nature reserve

There are tons of nature reserves across the country, you may only be a train ride away from one! Bring a little picnic too if the weather is nice.

7. Sing karaoke together

Singing fills you with feel-good hormones and is great laughing fuel. Sing your hearts out together in a karaoke room.

8. Attend a gig or music festival

Do you all have the same music tastes? Enjoy your favourite bands together at a local gig (or travel out if the trip calls for it).

9. Go bowling

Nothing like a bit of competition. Try bowling for your next double date or as part of a double-date day together.

10. Go camping

If the weather calls for it, try camping for your next double date. It makes for a great time for bonding and sharing new memories.

11. Go to a comedy night

Have a laugh together by going to a local comedy night!

12. Go to a theme park

Do you all like a bit of a thrill? A theme park is a great day outing and fantastic double date idea.

13. Do a yoga class

Want something more chill to do on a double date? A yoga class promotes all the zen and feeds in nicely for a date night in.

14. Take a day trip somewhere

Choose a town or city to spend the day in and explore new sightings and hidden gems together.

15. Make homemade pizzas

These pizza TikTok hacks will level up your pizza game like nothing else!

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Creative and quirky double date ideas


1. Life drawing

Got an artists streak between you all? No worries if you don’t. Life drawing is a cool and fantastic way to try something new together and potentially unlock a new skill.

2. Do a photoshoot

Find some inspiration on Pinterest and recreate a photoshoot at home or the outdoors.

3. Do crafts together

Got a good crochet-er between you all? Learn a new type of craft together by having a couple host, or you can all watch a YouTube tutorial together and challenge yourselves to the best crafty outcome.

4. Have a book club

If you’ve all been meaning to get your reading time in, now is the chance! Host a reading club for your next double date.

5. Museum and art gallery crawl

Have a cultured double date by visiting your local museums, libraries and art galleries. They’re great and inspiring introspection and you may even learn something new.

6. Go thrifting

Get creative and thrift outfits together. They could be worn later in the day for your next activity.

7. Play hide and seek

Live in a dorm or a big student house? Be kids again and play a few rounds of hide and seek for a good laugh.

8. Take a dance class

Find out which couple has two left feet by taking a dance class together!

9. Have a gardening competition

Grow your favourite plants, fruits and veggies and pick a date to review their progress.

Cosy double date ideas


1. Boardgame night

Fans of Dungeons and Dragons, Monopoly and the like? Have a board games night like the good old days.

2. Go to a quiz night

Host your own or find a local with a quiz/trivia night to challenge all of your knowledge.

3. Go to the cinemas

Make it a marathon by getting multiple tickets and watching all of the shows you guys have wanted to see.

4. Whack out the vinyl records

Has someone got a vinyl player? Bring your vinyl over to your double date, show off your records together and appreciate each other’s taste in music.

5. Host Come Dine With Me

This would work great if multiple couples were involved. Get each couple to bring their own dishes and rate them.

6. Declutter together

With spring approaching, it’s a good time to think about having a clear out. Host a little spring cleaning night and pair it with some wine, if you must.

7. Put a large puzzle set together

Get a 1,000+ puzzle set and challenge yourselves to complete it by the end of the date. With it being a double date, it should be a breeze!

8. Play 20 questions

Asking each other to get deep can reveal some new things about your loved ones…maybe.

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