The 10 Best Study Planner Apps For Students

Ever considered a study planner app to help keep track of your studies? Technology has made studying way more convenient, especially for those who may need an extra helping hand at keeping organised.

Are study planners effective?

Study planners, especially digital study planners are highly effective for those struggling to keep up, or for wanting an easy-to-access place for study-related notes and deadlines.

As a student, keeping organised is one of the keys to acing your studies. One of those ways is having a student planner or diary to hand. But let’s be honest, how often do you really use it? Does the thought of having to write out all of your tasks make you eye-roll?

What if you could keep your studies organised in just a few thumb taps and away you go?

If studies are getting on top of you, then a student planner app really can’t hurt to try.

Gone are the days of getting lost in hand-scrawled notes and trying to hunt down missing sheets of paper. Add one of the 10 best study planner apps to your university checklist, or simply keep your current studies and life schedule organised.

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Top 10 study planner apps


The Chipper app was built specifically with uni students in mind. Plan everything you’ve got going on, from exams to outings, to keep your life and studies on track. Here’s just some of its features:

  • Plan

    • Its digital planner lets you organise every aspect of your life

  • Set reminders

    • It can remind you to complete homework, notify you of exam days and other events you set

  • To-do list

    • If you like making lists then this app is a dream! You can list out each step for your assignments and exams using their Subtasks feature

  • Set study timers

    • Its built-in alarm feature means you can set study timers

  • Motivational tools

    • Chipper helps you build healthy studying habits thanks to its progress tools.

Get Chipper for free on iOS or Android.


You can probably guess what this app is about purely from the name. It’s a simple app that acts as your to-do list!

The simplicity of it gives it its charm. You may argue you could just use your Notes app to write your to-do list, but the tick box next to each task on Todoist makes things all that more satisfying.

Break each task down into subtasks, add due dates, assign peers to tasks and much more. Much like Chipper, you can also set timers for each task too, which is great for keeping you on track with assignments.

Download Todoist on iOS or Android.

Focus To-Do: Pomodoro & Tasks

Tons of studies show how the Pomodoro technique is fantastic for productivity. If you’ve never heard of it before, the Pomodoro technique is named after the classic tomato timer you have in your kitchen.

It works by setting a timer to 25 minutes and focusing on a single task. When the timer ends, you take a 5 minute break. After four “Pomodoros†(25-minute work-intervals), you take longer breaks in 5 minute increments.

This app is literally based on science, so who can argue with that? Manage your to-do list, time your tasks, set reminders, track what you work on the most and much more!

Why the Pomodoro technique works

  • It helps those who get distracted easily and lose track of time

  • Keeps goals and task completion realistic – i.e, stops you biting off more than you can chew

  • It’s especially useful for those who enjoy gamified task completion

Focus To-Do: Pomodoro & Tasks is available for free on iOS or Android.

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My study life

Students, teachers and lecturers have all highly praised the My Study Life digital planner app for managing tasks and assignments in one place. Plus, there’s no ads that’ll distract you whilst using the app, despite it being totally free to use!

The app lets you synchronise all of your data between apps, so if you’ve forgotten your laptop or tablet, you can still use the app on the go with your Smartphone — even in offline mode. It’s one of the best study planner apps out there if you ask us!

Get My Study Life for free (and ad-free) on iOS or Android.

iStudiez Pro Legendary Planner

iStudiez has garnered a huge reputation over the years. Pop everything you need, like lessons, lecturers, contact details and assignments into your digital planner. Plus, if you’re into colour coding things, then this app is definitely for you.

View your planner in daily, weekly and monthly views to see what’s ahead. Viewing by day lets you see what tasks you have coming up and you can move things around at the drop of a hat.

If like most students you have alternating weeks, you can set your study planner to reflect this!

Get iStudiez on iOS only.

Taskheat — Visual To-Do List

Taskheat — Visual To-Do List, wasn’t specifically designed for students. But in terms of how visual it is, it would work fantastic for those who need to organise their tasks in an interesting way.

The app makes use of flow charts and colours to keep things looking neat and organised. It also lets you see which tasks are connected to each other for easy organisation. If you’re bound to forget about deadlines, its handy notification feature will make sure you stay on track too.

Use Apple products? All of your data automatically syncs with iCloud, meaning you can access Taskheat on any Apple device you own.

Everyday – Track Habits & Goals

Yet another app that wasn’t specifically designed for students. Everyday isn’t a planner as such, but more of a habit and goal tracker.

Why would a habit tracker be useful for students? It helps form discipline and visualises your progress with colours you input on each day. Overtime, whether that’s over the week, month or year, you can see how habits and positive changes have been formed.

Simply add all the habits or goals you wish to track, and pop a colour in to indicate whether you worked towards it.

Get Everyday on iOS, Android and Google Chrome.


Think of Trello as a virtual pinboard without the extra weight and stationary. It’s a visual tool that allows you to create lists and cards (your tasks) underneath those lists.

It’s fantastic for team projects, making it a good student planner, but also works as a handy self-organiser for all sorts of things. It’s totally free to use and available on both Apple and Android devices too.

Assign cards to peers, add deadlines, add a cool background to keep you motivated and use coloured labels to categorise your cards. The beauty of Trello is that it’s completely customisable. Make organisational boards about pretty much everything!

Get Trello on iOS or Android.

myHomework Student Planner

Get access to assignments anywhere and anytime with the myHomework Student Planner. It’s been on the block since 2009 and is a popular go-to for students and teachers.

The developer of myHomework insisted on a very minimalistic and simple interface, making it easy to hit the ground running and organising your study schedule. Whilst the app offers a paid feature, its free one comes with tons of features:

  • Track assignments, projects, tests and more…

  • Track classes

  • Receive due date reminders

  • Sync between devices

  • Cloud storage

If you prefer working in blocks or periods, myHomework can be used as such.

Get myHomework on iOS or Android.

Egenda – Homework manager

If you struggle to complete homework on time, then Egenda is your next best friend. Designed specifically to keep you on top of your homework, Egenda lets you manage your homework, tests and assignments in one place.

The app also has a notification feature to keep you on track about what’s due the next day. Plus, you can add notes to your assignments and add users to specific tasks that involve group work.

Filter your homework by class, due date and colour. It really is that simple – and simple is always good!

Get Egenda on iOS and Android.

How to create a good study plan

Downloading a study planner app, even if it’s the best study planner app out there, it’s kind of useless if you don’t use them in a way that’s productive and beneficial for your studies.

Here are some really simple yet super effective ways to create a study plan that works for you.

Be honest about your study habits (or lack thereof)

There’s no shame in not having had a study plan before. What better time than the present to get started!

If you’ve noticed you burn out easily, or things are going through one ear and out of the other, it might be time to switch up your learning style too.

Look at your current schedule

Do you actually have time to study during the week? Are there any gaps where you can fit in study time? See where you can make room and plan accordingly.

Plan how much study time each class or assignment needs

Some classes, homework, and assignments will take longer than others to complete. If you know you need the extra time, see where you can cut back on other commitments.

Develop a study schedule using one of our recommended study planner apps

We recommend giving them all a go! At the end of the day, one of them may work better for you than the other. So why not give them a download, have a play around and see which one you want to make a concrete schedule with?

Stick to your study plan

This is a given, but once you’ve found something that works for you, make it a point of sticking to it. Not only will this help propel your studies, but you’ll ultimately feel far less stressed out.

Plus, the benefit of study planner apps is most, if not all, have notifications enabled. Meaning you can set notifications for when you need to complete your tasks or study!

Which apps do you like the look of? If you’re on the lookout for new courses to study, check out our New Skills Academy student discounts and get a few of these apps to get your studies organised!