Study Abroad For 2 Weeks With This Travel Company

Want to study abroad without the major time commitment? 🌎

Studying abroad is one of the most exciting parts of college, but it isn’t always the most accessible. Whether it’s the amount of time or financial burden, it can quickly be even more expensive than your regular semester at school.

Thankfully, one company has brought the study abroad experience to adults. Whether you want to take some time during one of your college breaks or are a post-grad looking to relive your time abroad, allow us to introduce you to the two-week study abroad program from Sojrn.

How It Works

Sjorn understands that most people can’t just up and take a month (or longer) to travel. But that doesn’t mean immersing yourself in a culture should only be able to happen when you’re in college.

Thanks to their short-term “study abroad” programs, adults can now spend two weeks in a country learning everything about the culture. Sojrn also offers four-week programs for those who wish to work remotely while traveling.

You’ll have various activities planned for you and a guide/instructor to teach you and get you where you need to go around the country. It’s all the benefits of studying abroad, without the major financial strain or time commitment.

Where You Can Study Abroad

Sojrn currently offers the following locations for their two-week study abroad program:

  • Wellness in Bali (October 1-14)
  • Wine in Tuscany, Italy (November 6-19)
  • Spanish in Medellín, Colombia (December 11-24)

The programs start at around $2,999. The cost includes accommodations, five to six activities, and your guide/instructor.

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