Score Free Beyonce Tickets Just For Working Out

Get a sweat on to secure tickets to her September show.

All out of motivation to exercise? We’ve discovered the ultimate incentive to get you moving. That’s right, pilates-inspired workout group solidcore is giving you the chance to win an all-expenses-paid pilgrimage to see Queen Bey on her Renaissance Tour in LA.

As if tickets weren’t exciting enough, solidcore will also pay for flights, hotel accommodation and VIP box seats to see Beyonce for you and your bestie. Thanks to the free flights and solidcore studios all over the US, this amazing opportunity could be won by anyone across the country.

So, how exactly do you get your hands on this once-in-a-lifetime experience?

What is solidcore?

If you love your music and a good pilates workout, then solidcore is definitely for you. With studios all over the US, you can enjoy a 50-minute class where you’ll take on a tough core workout suitable for any level thanks to the low-impact nature of the pilates-like class.

You can buy individual classes or sign up for a membership with pretty great perks like bringing along a friend for free every month. You can book classes online or through the app and find out all about those membership perks too.

Now, onto those Beyonce tickets…

Irreplaceable Summer Challenge

So, what exactly does solidcore want you to do before you can stake your claim on the tickets of the decade? It’s really super easy. All you have to do is attend eight solidcore classes between now and July 22nd 2023 to qualify for the giveaway.

If you’re really keen on scoring those tickets, though, you’re going to want to keep going to those classes. That’s because every class after the initial eight equals an additional entry into the competition.

More classes equals more entry as well as a core as hard as rocks. Seems like a win-win to us.

Visit the solidcore website or app to get your classes booked and enter the competition.

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