Must-Have School Supplies to Make Your Life Easier

Back-to-school season is here—but are you actually ready to go back?

You’re probably in the middle of your back-to-school shopping right now. Whether you’re picking up things for your dorm or getting your textbooks purchased, heading back to campus is on your mind (even if only a little).

But have you thought about all the little things you’ll need for the new semester? If not, you’re in the right place. Be sure to grab these essential back-to-school items to make your life that much easier.


Taking notes by hand has been scientifically proven to help you retain the information better than if you type it. Start taking some notes, old-school style, this year! But make sure you have a solid set of pens to help make writing in class a breeze.

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For those classes where you’re going to want to erase, grab a few pencils to get the job done. MUJI is known for its high-quality stationary items, and this lightweight and stylish mechanical pencil is no different.

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Make the important notes really pop! We love this clear tip highlighter so you can see exactly where you need to start and stop highlighting. Plus, it’s dual-tipped with a finer point, too. Pick your favorite color or grab one of each!

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Pencil Case

Keep all your writing utensils safe in a stylish pencil pouch. It’ll help keep everything in your bag organized without taking up too much room, and you’ll never be rummaging through your stuff trying to find a pen.

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We’ve sung the praises of planners before, but we’re going to keep saying it until you actually buy one: get a planner! They’re going to keep you ultra-organized, and you’ll be able to manage your time better than ever before.

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Notebooks are always a solid investment, especially for note-taking. You’re going to want something reliable (and stylish), so elevate your game by grabbing a few Moleskine notebooks, especially since they’re renowned for their high-quality.

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Page Markers

Perfect for when you’re reading through your textbooks or flagging important information, page markers are a game-changer in college. Grab this cute minimalist set from Erin Condren. They even have sticky notes that you can use for the margins in the page!

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A binder is a great way to keep all your papers safe. While some of your classes may do everything online, you’ll definitely have some professors who want everything committed to paper. Grab one to store all your important class documents in it.

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Hole Punch

And since you’re going to be keeping everything tidy in a binder, you’re going to need a hole punch to go with it! This standard three-hold punch from Happy Planner will get the job done in no time.

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For classes with fewer papers or just to keep a few things organized, folders are the best option. They don’t take up much room, and you’ll know exactly where everything is without having to hunt for it.

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College is about having fun, too, so grab plenty of stickers to customize your stuff! Whether you use it on notebooks, your laptop, or your water bottle, it’ll brighten your day every time you see it.

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Of course, the piece de resistance to going back to school is having a reliable (and indestructible) backpack. We love this popular choice from The North Face to keep all your stuff secure. Plus, it comes in tons of different colors!

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