This Is The Secret To Studying More Effectively

We’ve found the ultimate study hack—and it’s 100% free.

Finals are upon us, and that means it’s crunch time. Whether you’re doing some last-minute reviewing or trying to cram an entire semester’s worth of work over a weekend (it’s okay, we’ve all been there), you’re probably feeling a little bit burnt out…or a lot burnt out.

Thankfully, we’ve found a fantastic study tool to help you get the most out of your next study session. And it’s probably something you already want to do, anyway.

Power Naps For Studying

Taking a power nap is not the same thing as taking a regular nap. While a standard nap is usually at least an hour, power naps last only 10-30 minutes. The main purpose of these naps is to provide you with relaxation. The “power” in power naps is meant to give you a quick burst of energy.

Since you’re only sleeping for a short amount of time, you won’t get into the deeper stages of sleep, which often causes you to feel groggy when you wake up. So you get all the benefits of a quick snooze without the downsides.

Why should you power nap?

Taking a quick nap during the day can give you a bit of mental clarity and relieve fatigue (obvs). And since you won’t be feeling quite so tired, you’ll have more alertness and productivity. Sometimes a short break will make you more productive in the long run, so don’t deny yourself a break when you need it.

Plus, this makes your cognitive abilities more sharp. Meaning? Your memory, learning abilities, and problem-solving will benefit from a quick midday doze. Perfect when you’re trying to cram for finals.

Pros & Cons Of Power Naps

Of course, there are plenty of benefits to taking power naps. Aside from all of the cognition and studying benefits, it can also be a great addition to your self-care routine. It can also benefit your mental health when you’re feeling especially burnt out.

There can be some potential downsides, however. If you nap too often, it has the potential to interfere with your regular sleep schedule. Similar to pulling an all-nighter, sleeping too much can throw off your circadian rhythm. But getting enough sleep in the long run will give you the most benefits.

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