Trying to Make Friends at College? Download this App ASAP

Connecting with people at college just got easier.

A recent study estimated that 87% of college students connect and socialize with friends, with 50% expecting the campus dining halls to serve as the place to meet up. So what are you supposed to do when you head off to college and don’t really know anyone?

Meet & Eat, an app developed by college students, is looking to provide a safe space for you to find new friends to eat with while you’re on campus.

What is Meet & Eat?

Penn State students Ryan Nair, Jason Selsley, Andrew Hill, and Asa R recently competed in HackPSU to develop an app to take the anxiety out of finding friends to eat with while on campus.

Making friends at college isn’t always easy, so in an effort to help make students feel less isolated, the app connects them with other people to eat meals with. Hopefully, you’ll find people with similar interests to hang out with!

How does it work?

When on the app, you select which dining hall you’re planning on eating at and at what time. You’ll then be matched with people also eating there at the same time.

The app provides you with their contact information so you can meet up for a meal. You can also input your interests and hobbies in an effort to find people you’re more likely to have something in common with.

Is Meet & Eat Available at my school?

The app is currently still in development with the goal of having it available to students at Penn State before the year is over. Nair is planning to continue working on the app to have it available to students at other colleges as well.

Hopefully we’ll see more schools included in the app soon!

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