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organised wardrobe

College Dorm Storage Solutions To Keep Your Room Organized

Gearing up for all your dorm room needs?

Getting your dorm assignment is exciting—it’ll be your living space for the next year! But you’ll quickly learn how…cozy it is once you step in your room for the first time. As in, you don’t have nearly as much storage space as you think you do. So as you start paring down what you actually need to bring with you to college, be sure to check out these storage tips to help you keep everything in its place.

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The Best College Dorm Storage Solutions

There’s plenty of options out there when it comes to dorm storage solutions, but we’ve done the legwork of finding the best of the best. We recommend having these items in your room to help you stay organized all school year long.

1. Bedside Caddy, $32

This is a must have, especially if your bed is lofted. Instead of climbing all the way down every time you need something, this caddy will let you keep a few essential items within arm’s reach at all times. Throw your phone, glasses, journal + more in this non-slip caddy, meaning it will stay anchored under your mattress no matter how much you toss and turn.

2. Storage Cubes, $28

The cool thing about this cube storage is that it can be arranged however you want! Stack it up vertically, create a pyramid like the photo—do whatever works best for your living space. It’s also easy to purchase some cloth storage bins to slide inside of it to keep things a little more hidden and tidy.

3. Hanging Closet Organizer, $10

Your closet dorm is going to be small, even if you swap out your clothes seasonally (which is a pro tip you’ll want to make a note of). Maximize the space by adding in some extra shelving with this super affordable hanging organizer. It even has a detachable hamper along with it, meaning your dirty clothes are hidden away and out of sight.

Dorm Storage For Under Your Bed

Obviously under the bed storage is going to be your best friend in your dorm, even if your bed is lofted. But not all under the bed bins are created equal. These are the best of the best when it comes to stashing your stuff under your bed while living in your dorm.

4. Pro-Tip: Use Bed Risers ($28.99)

If your bed isn’t lofted, most dorms are totally fine with you using bed risers. This will allow you to create extra space under your bed to store things, making the most of the limited space available. Some dorms will even give them to you for free, but if not, be sure to grab a set before you head off to college.

5. Collapsable Storage Box, $32

We totally love this under the bed storage bin. The semi-opaque screen allows you to see what’s inside without displaying it for everyone to see, allowing you to keep some semblance of privacy. And when you’re not using it (or moving in and out and having to haul it around), it completely collapses, meaning it won’t take up a ton of room. Win-win!

6. Underbed Bags, $17.60

Perfect for storing clothes and blankets, these soft-side under the bed storage bags are a lightweight option for cleverly keeping things neat and tidy in your dorm. The double handles means it’s easy to pull in and out from under your bed, and the oversized format (18” x 30” x 6”) means you’ll have plenty of room for your stuff.

7. Utility Cart, $40

If you have a lofted bed, you still have plenty of options when it comes to “under the bed” storage. Your desk is likely going to be under your bed, so keep all your office supplies conveniently stored right next to where you’re going to be working. You can even grab some smaller plastic organizers to stash stuff in, too!

Over The Bed Shelf Units For Dorm Storage

8. Metal Shelf Wall Mirror, $135

This is really a triple win. One, mirrors make any room look bigger since they reflect light, so your space will seem more open than it is when you hang it. Two, it has shelves underneath it, allowing you to store odds and ends underneath it. And three, it gives you another place to get ready instead of the bathroom. Perfect if you have roommates you’re trying to get ready around!

9. Floating Wall Shelves, $40

Floating shelves are super trendy right now, so if you’re looking for something minimal that gets the job done, these are the way to go. Just be sure not to use them for anything too heavy, as they can’t support that much weight. You don’t want them getting ripped out of the wall and losing your damage deposit!

10. Over the Bed Shelf, $129.99

If your dorm is strict about you hanging things on the walls (some don’t let you use nails, making over the bed shelving a bit tricky), this over the bed shelf is the perfect solution. It simply hugs the sides of your bed and sits on the ground, allowing you to maximize your space without mounting anything. This one is on Amazon, so don’t forget to use your Student Beans discount with it, too!

Dorm Room Storage Organization Hacks

As your start unpacking everything in your dorm this fall, it can be easy to get overwhelmed simply trying to figure out where you’re going to put everything. We’ve got a few simple tips and tricks to help make the transition easier.

  • Stackable storage is your friend. When in doubt, go vertically!
  • Try to avoid having a ton of stuff on the floor. It will make your room feel more cluttered than it actually is.
  • Make sure everything has a place. This helps keep you organized, and you’ll be less tempted to just throw things everywhere.
  • Pack only the essentials. Don’t get wrapped up in the idea that you have to pack up your entire life with you and put it in your dorm. Ask yourself how often you really see yourself using whatever item it is you’re tempted to pack.
  • If you haven’t used an item in the first semester of college, you probably won’t ever use it. Start a box of things you don’t need to send home the next time your family visits or you can take home during your next trip home.

People Also Ask…

How Can I Maximize My College Dorm Space?

Think of storage solutions for every square inch of your room. Everything should have more than one purpose, like an ottoman that also offers storage. Single-use items are a no-go, as they tend to take up too much space without providing as much utility.

How Can I Save Space In My Small Dorm?

It’s tempting to bring everything you own with you to college (it is going to be your home away from home, after all), but be ruthless, especially if your room is small. It’s better to start off with bare bones and add to it than try to pack things up and send them home after a few months.

How Do You Organize A College Dorm Closet?

Dorm closets are notoriously tiny, and they can get crammed and cluttered in no time. Try and change your clothes with the seasons so you don’t have your entire wardrobe with you at school. Be sure to utilize hanging storage for things like shoes to open up valuable space inside the closet for other stuff.

What Should I Store Under My Bed In College?

There’s plenty of things you can store under the bed in your dorm. We recommend the following since they’re items you probably don’t need to access every day:

  • Bulky lightweight items like sweatshirts and blankets.
  • School supplies and old papers you need to hang on to.
  • Extra toiletries and other self-care items.

Feel ready to tackle dorm organization and storage? We feel confident you can do this! Just remember that you’re going to have to get creative and you probably won’t be able to take everything you want. You got this!

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