The Funniest Back to School Memes to Get You Hyped for the New Semester

RIP summer vacation. 💀

Like it or not, it’s almost time to head back to school for another year. Whether it’s your first time on campus or you’re heading into senior year for your last lap, there is something universal about the back-to-school experience. And everyone knows the best way to summarize that experience is through memes.

Here are our favorite memes to get you mentally ready for another year of classes. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll lose your mind a little bit—we’ve covered all the bases. Scroll to find your favorite! 👇

Back to School Memes

When you forget how to school

When the professor forgot it’s syllabus week

When the professor thinks icebreakers are a good idea

When the freshman realize they aren’t cool anymore

When the seniors are already mentally checked TF out

When school sucks but shopping doesn’t

When you realize maybe cartoons actually prepared you more than you thought

When you can feel your hopes crumbling by day 3

When classes actually start teaching you things, but your brain isn’t back from break yet

When the newness wears off faster every year

When you remember group projects are a thing

When you remember how expensive college is

When no one properly prepared you

When the 8 a.m. class seemed like a good idea

The endless cycle we all find ourselves in

When back-to-school seems to start in June now

Wait, you have to have a plan for after college?

When the simulation is broken

When you forgot how annoying everyone is

When it’s so obvious who the freshmen are

Like…really obvious

When you realize you’ll be paying loans back until you die

We all have that one professor

When the math doesn’t add up

When it gets a little too meta