10 Things That All Students Should Add To Their Amazon Wishlist To Make College That Much Easier

Need help packing for college? We’ve got some handy ideas from Amazon that will make college life 10x easier.

1. A Shelf For Your Bunk

This shelf is ideal if your dorm has a high bunk. It’s super sturdy and replaces the need for a bedside table. You can use it for movie nights in bed or storing the essentials you always have next to your bed like water, a cup of coffee, gum, meds, and anything else you need easy access too.

2. A Portable Shower Caddy

Sharing a bathroom is all part of the college experience. This caddy is going to be a lifesaver if you like to have a thorough cleaning routine. It’s waterproof too so you can just grab it and take it straight to the showers with you, so you’ll never forget your fave shampoo or moisturizer and won’t have to struggle to carry everything with you.

3. A Pop-Up Laundry Basket

Yeah, we know laundry is hardly the most exciting thing; but it has to be done. Uh, you might not be doing laundry as often as your parents would like, but when you do a pop-up basket is the perfect companion to stress-free cleaning. You can store detergent in the sides to make easy transportation to the laundry room, and when you’re done you can simply fold it away and store under your bed.

4. Hanging Storage

If your dorm is lacking storage, this over-bed hanging basket will be a game-changer. You can use it to keep your phone, laptop, any books you might be reading at night, sunglasses, chargers, deodorant, just about anything you like to keep close to you. You can also hang it over a chair or curtain pole so you can make the most of the limited space in your room.

5. A 10ft Phone Charger

You ever wish your charger would stretch a bit further? If you’re constantly having to sit in awkward positions to be able to reach your charger, you’ll never have an issue with a 10ft charger. Honestly, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Grab it here.

6. Storage Dividers

Again, storage might not be on the top of your priority list when you go to college but we can promise you there will be a time when you’re desperately searching for your fave shirt and it’s nowhere to be seen. Dividers mean that everything has a space, so rushing to get dressed in the mornings when you’re already late for class is no longer an issue.

7. A Personal Fan

Some dorms have air-con, some don’t. Even if your dorm does have AC, in the warmer months you’ll probably be grateful for a personal desk fan to keep you extra cool while you work just in case your room isn’t cool enough.

8. Amazon Echo Dot With Clock

An Amazon Echo Dot is a college must-have. Not only will Alexa answer all your questions but the built-in alarm clock means that you’ll never be late to class again. Plus, it’s harder to snooze than your phone alarm so you’ll have no choice but to get up.

9. A Motivational Water Bottle

If you forget to drink enough water, this bottle will make sure that you’re staying hydrated all day long. You’ll no longer have an excuse to not be drinking water.

10. A Desk Organizer

Let’s not forget about actually studying while you’re in college. If your desk is always a total mess, grab this desk organizer to make sure that everything’s in place and you’re never searching through your room trying to find a pen.

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