The Sustainable Bag Company You Need To Know About For Uni This Year

If there’s one thing you’ll need while you’re at uni, it’s a sturdy day to day bag to carry your laptop and textbooks across campus.

If you’re someone who likes to accessorise your outfit with colour and you care about the planet, we present to you the one company you need to put on your radar this year––ROKA London.

ROKA London is a British-born brand, so you can be sure your bags will be equipped for British weather which is a must if you value your possessions and don’t want your laptop or notebooks drenched while you’re making your way to lectures.

The company also prides itself in its sustainability, they’re B-Corp certified and aim to reuse, repurpose and recycle to reduce carbon emissions. With canvas bags made from recycled plastic bottles, nylon bags made from repurposed fabric and no animal products used, you can be sure you’re purchasing a vegan and sustainable bag that will last you through many rainy days to come!

Best of all? You can get a 15% student discount at ROKA London so you can grab yourself your dream bag without breaking the bank. With vibrant colours and practical styles, you’re sure to find something that works for every occasion and suits your needs and personal style.

Here are the best bags you need to check out for the uni year ahead.

Bantry B Spearmint Recycled Nylon- £59.95

The Bantry B is the OG ROKA London backpack. It’s made for comfort and can be worn on your back or on your side. It comes in 3 size options, so whether you need a small backpack just for your everyday essentials or a bigger size for your laptop or textbooks there will be something that works for you. The Bantry is available in over 40 colours and prints and is made from weather-resistant canvas or nylon so you won’t have to worry about your stuff getting wet even on the rainiest of days.

Get a student discount at ROKA London

Bayswater B Cranberry Recycled Nylon- £89.95 (Comes With Free Umbrella)

There’s nothing worse than being caught in the rain. While you might own an umbrella, it’s all too easy to leave it at home or struggle to fit it in your bag. Well, your prayers are answered with the Bayswater Umbrella bag, which has a separate waterproof compartment for your umbrella to fit into. This means once you arrive at your lecture you can easily store your wet umbrella away, without having to leave it to drip all over the floor or putting it back in your bag and getting all your possessions wet. The bag is big enough to fit a 15″ laptop and has a compartment for your water bottle, so it’s the ultimate campus companion. Plus, right now you can get a free umbrella with every Bayswater purchase and you can use your student discount too!

Get a student discount at ROKA London

Trafalgar B Burnt Orange Recycled Tote- £59.95

If a backpack isn’t your style, this roomy tote bag will have all the space you need when travelling around campus and is the perfect blend of practical and stylish at the same time. The Trafalgar comes with a laptop sleeve, water bottle pocket and secure internal pocket to keep all of your possessions safe and secure. The weather-resistant nylon is easy to clean and it’s the perfect bag to grab and go with all your everyday essentials.

Get a student discount at ROKA London

Kennington B Peri Purple Recycled Nylon- £44.95

If you’re looking for an everyday crossbody bag, look no further. Sometimes you just need a bag to take when you’re heading to coffee, brunch or on a daily walk. We present to you the Kennington crossbody which will be your new wardrobe staple. Made from weather-resistant recycled nylon it’s the perfect casual bag to take you from day to night.

Get a student discount at ROKA London

Creative Waste Paddington B Recycled Nylon Edition 2- £44.95

The great thing about this colour block crossbody bag is that it’s made from leftover recycled material, also known as offcuts. This means that fabric that would otherwise be too small to make into a new item is used to create this efficient and handy crossbody bag. The Paddington has 3 pockets to keep your items secure and is perfect if you just need a small bag for your phone, wallet and keys.

Get a student discount at ROKA London

Farringdon Rose Taslon- £39.95

The super on-trend Farringdon bag is perfect for your everyday needs and comes in every colour you could ever want. You can wear it over your shoulder on the front or back and there are multiple inside pockets to keep your personal items safe. The adjustable strap means you can wear it in multiple different ways and it’s made from weather-resistant Taslon, which is soft and slouchy for an effortless everyday look.

Get a student discount at ROKA London

Hopefully, this has given you some inspo for the bags you can get with your ROKA London student discount! So, if you’re looking for a colourful, weather-resistant and sustainable bag for uni you know where to look.

This post is a sponsored post in partnership with ROKA London