How To Style Dr. Martens For Every Uni Occasion

A pair of Dr. Martens will be the best investment you ever make.

You can wear your Dr. Martens with anything, we promise. Throughout uni you’ll be putting together outfits for lots of different occasions, from lectures to night outs to end of year parties and trust us when we say your Dr. Martens can come everywhere with you.

Best of all? You can get a student discount at Dr. Martens so you can treat yourself to a new pair without breaking the bank.

If you’re not sure what style to go for or you’re unsure how to style yours, here are our best styling tips for every uni occasion you’ll run into this year.


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9am lectures

1460 Serena Faux Fur Lined Leather Lace Up Boots- £179

Getting up for early morning lectures can be tough, especially when it’s cold outside. For the chilly winter mornings, this pair of faux fur lined docs are perfect for when you want to stay toasty warm but can’t go out in your slippers. These boots are perfect for autumn and winter and are super versatile so can be paired with anything. Trust us, your friends with non faux fur lined boots are going to be jealous of these.

Woodard Leather Lace Up Ankle Boots- £199

If you have to do a lot of walking around campus to get between lecture rooms you’ll want to be comfortable so the Woodard leather lace-up ankle boots are a great option for all-day comfort and style at the same time.

House parties

Jadon III Pisa Leather Platform Boots- £199

Jadon’s are the classic platform that you need to have in your wardrobe. They can be worn with literally anything but they’re perfect for house parties if you’re struggling to put together an outfit. The platform will give you some height and the chunky silhouette works perfectly whether you’re dressing up or down–– or just want a casual but stylish shoe option with your outfit.

Sinclair Milled Nappa Leather Platform Boots- £199

The Sinclair is another platform style that’s great for house parties. The zip makes them easy to take on and off and pebbled leather is soft and can be easier to break in, so these are a great option if you dread the breaking-in stage.

Night outs

1460 Smooth Leather Lace Up Boots- £169

There’s nothing better than the classic docs for a night out. This is a pair of shoes you will reach for again and again, and that’s because there is not a single outfit they won’t match with. If you’re looking to invest in a pair of Dr. Martens and don’t know where to start, the classic smooth leather lace-up boots will have a firm place in your wardrobe and be your go-to shoes whether you’re headed to your local pub or your favourite club.

2976 Virginia Leather Chelsea Boots- £169

If you want a slightly smarter pair of shoes if you’re going somewhere with a stricter dress code (or don’t want to deal with laces after you’ve had a few drinks) the Virginia Chelsea boots are a nice simple option that will elevate any outfit without looking too casual.

End of year ball

Spence Leather Flared Heel Chelsea Boots- £179

University comes with a lot of balls and formal parties throughout the year, so you’ll probably have to put your best outfit on and some comfortable shoes. If you hate wearing heels but all your friends will be, the Spence flared Chelsea boots are the perfect alternative. They’re smart, have a tall heel and will be comfortable to wear all night long.

1461 Rub Off Vegan Oxford Shoes- £149

Oxford shoes are a great smart shoe for formal events that can make any outfit look 10x smarter. This particular pair is made from vegan leather and has a purple shiny finish, which will brighten up and particular plain and boring formal outfit you have to wear.

Library study session

Jorge II Faux Fux Lined Mules- £139

Going to the library for a long study session means chucking on your comfiest outfit and preparing to snap out of procrastinating. You’ll probably find yourself walking around to visit the cafe and grab a drink more than once because you’re bored, so the Jorge mules are perfect for a comfy and casual library session.

Vintage 1460 Quilon Leather Ankle Boots- £219

If you love to people watch as a form of procrastination at the library you’re not alone. If you’re the kind of person who gets style inspo from what other people are wearing, give the fellow library procrastinators something to look at with the Vintage 1460 leather ankle boots that are a classic vintage style and beautiful Oxblood colour. We can bet you’ll have tonnes of compliments and people secretly looking up what shoes you’re wearing.

Hopefully, this post has given you some inspo of all the styles you can wear for every uni occasion if you’re struggling to decide what pair to settle on. Don’t forget to use your student discount at Dr. Martens to help you save some cash on your newest pair!

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