TikTokers Discover How To Make Dr. Pepper Using Just Two Ingredients

The latest TikTok trend involves trying to recreate Dr. Pepper at home using just two ingredients.


If your favorite soda is Dr. Pepper but you don’t have any in your fridge this new trend might be the one for you. According to TikTok you can recreate the taste of the real thing by using two ingredients: unflavored seltzer water and black cherry MiO.

MiO is the sugar-free flavored water shot that you can add to water to switch up the taste if you don’t like drinking water but want a low-calorie alternative to juice. Sounds simple enough right? All you have to do is mix the two together and you’ll have a complete sugar and calorie-free version of Dr. Pepper.

The only drawback is mixing the two can create a pretty reaction causing a “soda volcano,” so it’s best to try this out over the sink. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative to soda, try it out today and see if you can taste the difference!

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