The Ultimate College Shopping List & Where To Buy

Your one-stop shop for back to campus shopping.

Can you believe we’re already talking about back to school shopping? Yeah, neither can we, but here we are! And you’re probably here because you want to find the best of the best when it comes to getting everything for a fresh new year at college.

Why waste your time hunting around countless stores trying to find what you need? Let us do all the heavy lifting, and all you’ll need to do is click to purchase—no leaving your house or putting on real clothes required.

College And Back To School Shopping List

Dorm Room Essentials

1. Mini Fridge

If your dorm doesn’t provide you with a mini fridge, be sure to pick one up so you can keep drinks and snacks in your room. The cool part about this fridge from VEVOR is that it can also be programmed to keep things warm, too! How cool is that? It’s also super portable, making it a tailgate essential.

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2. Mattress Topper

Aside from making your uncomfortable mattress at college cozier, a mattress topper has a slew of other benefits with it. It’ll keep you cool while you sleep, not to mention it protects against bedbugs and eliminates odors, all while being anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and hypoallergenic!

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Kitchen Essentials

3. Quality Coffee

Don’t rely on dining hall coffee to get you through those early morning classes. Make your own with the Keurig you probably already have in your room. Illy makes an intense dark roast that will be sure to have you awake and alert in a flash.

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4. Grab & Go Snacks

Sleep is king in college, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice eating breakfast just to catch a few extra minutes of snoozing. Quest Nutrition has tons of different snacks available that will fuel you fast, but we love their protein bars. They come in a huge variety of flavors, too!

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Studying Essentials

5. Highlighters

Good stationary supplies are underrated and essential for studying in college, which is why we’re highlighting this great find at MUJI (pun fully intended). The clear tip means you’ll never highlight more than you intended, and it even has a smaller, fine point tip for underlining or circling things!

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6. Lapdesk

If you’re going to be working in bed while you’re at college (and let’s be real, we all do), a lapdesk will help keep you comfortable while you type. The tilting top will ensure you have the optimal view of your screen, and you even have enough room to have a mouse to use, too.

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Back To School Clothing And Accessories

7. Athleisure

Let’s be real—no one dresses up in college (unless you have a presentation). Athleisure is going to be your best friend—you’ll look stylish and put together, all while being super comfortable. Gymshark is the perfect place to shop for everything from tees and tanks to joggers and jackets.

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8. Comfy Slides

You also aren’t going to really want to wear shoes, especially around your dorm. Slides are the way to go, especially since you can kick them on and off easily. Thanks to Crocs being so popular right now, there’s never been a better time to pick up a pair.

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Other College Essentials

9. Vitamins

Don’t totally forgo your health once you head back to campus. Stay healthy, especially during cold and flu season with some immunity-boosting gummy vitamins from Bulletproof. They also taste delicious, so you won’t dread taking them every day!

Save 15% at Bulletproof with Student Beans

10. Electric Bike

With gas prices being astronomically high right now, you might be debating about taking your car with you to college. The RadCity Step-Thru 3 was voted the best electric bike of 2021, and you can get up to 45 miles of use with it per charge!

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See? You just got a huge chunk of your college shopping done in one go. Now you can spend more time on the important things, like sleeping and enjoying your summer break away from classes! No need to thank us, we’re happy to help.

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