What Your Favorite Thanksgiving Food Says About You

What are you getting at the Thanksgiving table first?

We all know Thanksgiving is celebrating the wonderful things in your life that you’re thankful for, but we all know the real reason we’re there is for delicious food. And when the entire bounty of foods is spread out before you, it can be tough to decide what to load up on first.

But did you know your favorite Thanksgiving food says a lot about your personality? Our resident self-proclaimed personality expert and Student Beans employee Danielle weighs in on what your plate really means.


Ever the traditionalist, you love being the star of the show (even if other people don’t think so). You tend to play it safe in your day-to-day, and you likely have the patience of a saint since you know good things take time.

Stuffing & Dressing

You’re confident—you don’t feel the need to impress anyone, ever. It doesn’t matter if people like you or not, you know your worth and don’t care if anyone else sees it. Plus, you’re grounded in who you are and aren’t easily swayed.

Mashed Potatoes

We always love and appreciate the mom of the friend group, and that’s exactly who you are. Always responsible and looking out for everyone else, but a staple at any event. Although, we aren’t ever sure which version of you we’re going to get.

Green Bean Casserole

When you show up, you like to add a little extra flair to everything you do. You’re not much of a risk-taker, but you like to pretend you are. But that’s okay, because everyone knows how dependable you are, and that’s what’s important.

Mac & Cheese

Life. Of. The. Party. Everyone is so hyped when you show up to the party and can’t hide how excited they are to see you. Everyone loves you, and you 100% know you’re the cool kid whenever you step out your door.

Sweet Potato Casserole

Nostalgic to the core, you’re definitely still a kid at heart. Kind and caring are the best words to describe you, but you do have a bit of a rebellious streak. You’re practical, but you also know when to cut loose and have fun.

Corn Casserole

Yeah, you’re a bit of a pushover, but that’s okay—there’s one in every group. You don’t mind going against the flow every now and then, but you don’t like to step too far out of your comfort zone unless there’s a really good reason.

Cranberry Sauce

A little bit bad, a little bit bougie. You’re not to everyone’s tastes, and some people can only take you in small doses a few times a year. People either love or hate you, but the people who love you are your ride or die, and that’s more than enough.


You are 100% the people pleaser, and you’re also easy to please. Everyone loves to see you, but don’t let them take you for granted. You have simple tastes and like what you like. No shame in that game.

Pumpkin Pie

Yeah, you’re just a bit of a diva. But you know what you’re here for—you’re a man (or woman) on a mission. Your focus is one of your strong suits, and you know how to plan and strategize better than anyone.

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