Get Paid $600 To Be A Doritos Ambassador

Make money while you snack!

Snack foods are a part of the quintessential college experience, and none are more ubiquitous than the Dorito. And if you have plenty of bags of Doritos hiding around your room, we’ve found a great job for you.

In honor of the new Doritos Dinamita hitting the shelves, Doritos is looking to hire its first-ever ambassador. If being an ambassador for one of the most popular chips sounds like the dream job, then you’re going to want to apply ASAP.

What You’ll Do

If selected to become the Doritos Ambassador, your job entails spreading the word about the Dinamita. Some of your duties include:

  • Conducting campus-wide tabling events to give out samples
  • Three student organization product drops
  • Creating five TikTok posts

The best part is that the position is part-time, meaning you can work and go to school at the same! There are two weeks of onboarding with the ambassador program lasting 10 weeks.

What You’ll Get

Aside from telling everyone that you work for Doritos, there are plenty of other perks, too:

  • $600 stipend upon completion of the program
  • Exclusive perks
  • Additional monetary bonuses

Ready to apply? Click here to send in your application!

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