Snag Discounted Coffee From Dunkin’ Before It’s Gone

Fuel the rest of February with coffee.

Even though January feels like it’s lasted about 9 months long, it’s finally almost over. The worst month of the year is done. And while winter still has a bit more time before it’s gone for good, there’s one thing that’s getting us all through it: coffee. Thankfully, Dunkin’ knows this, and with some clever marketing, they’ve crafted the perfect opportunity for a discount.

With plenty of new things on the menu to try at Dunkin’ for the new year, there’s never been a better time to grab some of the new coffee creations available. Find out how you can snag your coffee majorly discounted before the promotion ends in February.

How To Get $2 Coffee From Dunkin’

At the beginning of 2024, Dunkin’ announced $2 coffee every Monday until the end of February, but the offer’s gotten even better. Now, you can get $2 coffee every single day at Dunkin’. This is eligible on medium coffee orders, hot or iced.

Whether you’re getting your go-to order or using this as a chance to try something different, you can’t really argue with a medium coffee for just $2. And if you need some inspiration for what to get, Dunkin’ already has that covered, too.

New Dunkin’ Items For 2024

The Dunkin’ app received a major update at the beginning of January. All the Valentine’s Day flavors are already out, including the Pink Velvet Macchiato and Frosted Red Velvet donut. But the most exciting update is the introduction of the Master Mixologist feature.

Simply head over to the Dunkin’ app and open the page of the same title. The page will suggest flavor combinations to try. The possibilities are, quite honestly, endless. Here are some of the standouts you should try ASAP (all for only $2):

  • Almond Joy: 2 pumps unsweetened coconut, 1 pump of unsweetened almond, 2 pumps sweetened mocha
  • Blueberry Pie: 3 pumps unsweetened blueberry, 3 pumps french vanilla
  • Turtle: 2 pumps sweetened butter pecan, 1 pump sweetened mocha
  • Pink Drink: 3 pumps unsweetened raspberry, 3 pumps pink velvet
  • Ferrero Rocher: 3 pumps unsweetened hazelnut, 3 pumps sweetened mocha

So even though winter just kind of sucks in general, enjoying your daily coffee without breaking the bank definitely makes it suck a little less. Just remember to order through the Dunkin’ app to take advantage of this deal before it ends for good on February 29. Because no one wants to pay full-price for a cup of coffee.

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