How To Snag 120 Cookies From Costco For Under $35

Stay stocked up on delicious cookies for just under $35.

Going on a Costco run really is an experience. There’s so much to see, groceries to purchase, samples to taste…you can easily spend an entire afternoon there. But one thing Costco is known for is its top-tier bakery section. With a huge selection of reasonably priced items, it’s no wonder it’s hard to walk by all those baked goods without picking something up.

But the next time you’re thinking about grabbing that box of pre-packaged cookies for $10, you might want to think again. If you’re regularly snacking on those delicious treats, why not get 120 of them to hold you over for awhile? Better yet? It only costs $32.

How To Get Costco Cookies For Cheap

If you’re craving the delicious sweetness of Costco’s chocolate chip cookies, then you’re going to want to pay attention. Instead of paying $10 for a prepackaged box of cookies (that will go stale pretty fast), use this hack that’s going viral on TikTok right now.

It’s incredibly simple, and honestly genius.

Ask one of the Costco bakers for a box of frozen cookies.

I know. Mind = blown, right?

You get 120 cookies for just $32. That works out to just about 26 cents per cookie. To compare, you would have to get five boxes of the prepackaged cookies (costing $50) to get 120 cookies.

Better still, the cookies can live in your freezer, allowing you to take portions out whenever you want and eat them at your own pace. And you can bake them however you like your cookies. Gooey? Extra crispy? Whatever your heart desires.

Besides, who doesn’t love a freshly baked cookie instead of a regular one that’s been sitting on your counter for a few days? Not feeling the pressure to finish off the box before they get stale is also a nice bonus.

Other Great Costco Deals

If you’re planning your next Costco run already, we have a few more items to add to your shopping list. These are some other things you should buy in bulk while you’re there to help save you as much money as possible.

  1. Meat
    • Chicken & meats: $5.99-$19.99
  2. Advil
    • 360 tablets: $13.49
  3. Beverages
    • Varies by drink
  4. Trash bags
    • 200 garbage bags: $13.99
  5. Paper products
    • Toilet paper: 30 rolls in one package
    • Paper towels: 12 rolls in one package
    • Napkins: 260 in one package
  6. Disposable cups
    • 240 cups: $9.49
  7. Gum
    • 20 packs: $11.49 (58 cents per pack)
  8. Instant noodles (like ramen or mac & cheese)
    • 48-pack of ramen: $7.99
    • 12-pack of Easy Mac: $6.49
  9. Tampons
    • Pack of 96: $8.99
  10. Trail mix & snack bars
    • Varies by snack and brand

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