You Can Claim Back THOUSANDS Of Pounds Off Your Phone Contract

You could be one of millions owed money by your phone company.

Has anyone else noticed how much phone bills seem to be rising recently? The cozy livs has really hit hard because gone are there days where you can get unlimited data for £20 a month.

Well, it turns out that phone companies actually have been overcharging most of their customers and we could all be entitled to compensation.

How much could I be owed?

If you’re a customer with EE, Three, Vodaphone, or o2, you’re in luck. You might be able to claim back some money due to overcharging. A former citizen’s advice executive has launched legal action against the phone companies claiming they owe their customers over £3 billion after years of overcharging.

This means someone with a contract with one of the 4 companies could be owed an average of £1,800. Even better? If you’ve been with more than one provider over the last few years you could be owed even more, as the overcharging claims date back by years.

The overcharging claims are due to providers charging a loyalty penalty to long-standing customers, where once their original contract expires they are being charged more than new customers who sign up and pay receive discounts as a benefit. This could date back to before 2008, which is why so many customers could receive a huge payout.

All qualifying customers will be automatically included in the claim for free and you can register here to find out more and keep up to date with the legal case. This is still in the process of being worked out, but if you are a customer of EE, Vodaphone, Three, or o2 keep an eye out as the money could be coming your way.