Futureproof Girl on sofa with her laptop and blanket. Lazy girl jobs
Futureproof Girl on sofa with her laptop and blanket. Lazy girl jobs

Live Your Best Lazy Girl Life With These Grad Jobs

Who said adulting has to be hard and stressful? Not us.

Graduation is rearing its head and you know what that means… It’s time to unleash yourself into the big wide world of job hunting and employment (hold for applause). 

We know it can be super daunting, but that’s why we’re here to help. We want you to have as smooth a transition as possible from uni life to working life.

We believe you should feel confident and empowered after university regarding your future career. You should be Futureproof.

And one way to ensure your future is well, erm, Futureproof, is to find a job that suits you. And if you’re thinking ‘Gosh, I’m too lazy to work’, don’t worry. We have the top “lazy girl” jobs for you.

Spoiler alert though: most jobs (no matter how easy they might seem) will have hard, stressful days, so a key piece of advice is to go into a new job with realistic expectations.

Not every day can be perfect, but there are some jobs that have the ideal combination of lazy, fulfilling and pay well.

Top Lazy Girl Grad Jobs

Guy on laptop on sofa

“Lazy Girl” jobs are jobs considered low stress, flexible/remote, and a good salary. These jobs can have a lot of benefits that include: little pressure, doesn’t violate your personal values and pays a wage you can live comfortably on.

They can give you the space to focus on your other priorities, like family or hobbies. Plus, with many “Lazy Girl” jobs having flexible or remote opportunities, you’ll cut out the dreaded commute, making your day start a little bit easier (like from your bed).

Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is a great job for anyone with a talent and interest in writing. Maybe you’ve just finished a degree in English Lit and want to channel your creativity? Or maybe you’ve graduated with a Psychology degree but fancy a more creative role?

Freelance writing can sometimes be considered a “Lazy Girl” job. You’re the boss of your own time. No more rigid 9-to-5 schedules or supervisors breathing down your neck. As a freelance writer, you set your own hours. Night owls and early birds, rejoice! You can work whenever you feel most inspired or awake, just make sure you complete work before the deadlines. 

Another great thing about freelance writing is that you can cover almost any industry or topic. You can write for financial companies, a lifestyle magazine, or even write up film reviews. You also don’t always need to have specific qualifications or experience to become a freelance writer, but it does help.

And, according to Indeed, freelance writers can make an average of £10.87 per hour (more depending on your experience). Pretty decent.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants (VAs) are essentially multi-tasking, personal assistants who are knowledgeable about the digital and virtual world. They aim to make life easier for their clients, who are usually entrepreneurs, professionals, or businesses who hire a VA to give them more time to focus on other areas of the business.

Responsibilities of a Virtual Assistant usually include:

  • Managing communication channels
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Organising calendars
  • Provide administrative support
  • Handle customer inquiries

They are the go-to problem solvers for online actions, and can even manage social media for a client, or help with their online marketing. All you need is a laptop/PC and a stable internet connection.

The average hourly rate for a virtual assistant in the UK is roughly £15.

Data Entry Specialist

Data Entry Specialists are responsible for typing stuff into computers and making sure it’s correct and accurate (not far off uni work, TBH). 

This could involve things like customer details or inventory records. They must make sure everything is up to date and organised.

While data entry may not be the most fun job,it can be easy money and can be done from the comfort of your own sofa. It requires a high standard of attention to detail, great organisational skills and the ability to spot errors and check output.

In terms of qualifications, you’ll most likely need GCSEs in maths and English, and potentially a computer science or related subject with computer skills. Although many of these roles can be entry-level and require little to no qualifications.

You can earn an average of £11.54 an hour


Guy at laptop transcribing

A Transcriptionist is someone who listens to audio recordings and converts them into text. They have to accurately transcribe spoken words into written documents, making sure details are captured correctly.

As a transcriptionist, you can work in a variety of industries like healthcare, media, or legal. And luckily for you, some transcription roles can be done remotely so you don’t have to commute or get up super early. A win for us lazy lot!

To be a transcriptionist, you need to have excellent listening skills, be able to type fast and accurately, and have a keen eye for detail. You don’t actually need qualifications either for most transcription roles, just be an excellent typist.

The average wage for transcriptionists is around £11.80 an hour, but you can charge more depending on your level of experience.

Admin Assistant

Administrative assistants provide essential administrative and clerical support to ensure the efficient operation of offices, businesses, and teams. These admin roles are often available remotely or hybrid, so are ideal for those wanting flexibility.

Responsibilities of an admin assistant can include:

  • Handling phone calls, emails, and other forms of communication — may answer inquiries, take messages, and direct communication to the appropriate individuals
  • Managing schedules, setting up appointments, and coordinating meetings for executives or team members. They ensure that calendars are organised and appointments are well-coordinated
  • Filing and document organisation
  • Monitoring and order office supplies to ensure that the workplace has the necessary materials to operate efficiently

Some admin assistants also have to manage finances and bookkeeping, but the responsibilities vary depending on the organisation or industry.

This is considered a “Lazy Girl” job because it can be flexible, not too stressful and can mostly involve sitting at a desk and replying to emails.

The average hourly wage for admin assistants is £9.68, which isn’t too bad if you’re able to work remotely and it can be fairly stress-free compared to other jobs. You also don’t need specific qualifications for admin roles. Usually some passes at GCSE and ability to use the computer and certain softwares (like Microsoft, for example).

Customer Service Representative

A Customer Service Representative acts as the primary point of contact between customers and a company. Their main responsibility is to assist customers, address their inquiries, and provide support.

Task may include:

  • Providing Product/Service Information
  • Handling and resolving issues and complaints
  • Processing orders and returns
  • Handling customer feedback
  • Escalating issues to higher ups if they cannot resolve it themselves
  • Handling social media support and live chat

This role suits someone who is confident, with a friendly demeanour and ability to problem-solve. 

Customer service roles can often be done from home and have flexible hours — some companies may need customer support outside of the standard 9-5 hours.

For this role, you don’t need any qualifications but employers typically ask for GCSEs and any prior experience that may be relevant to the role.

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