How Many Hours Can A Student Work? Balance Your Job With Uni

Everything you need to know about part-time jobs while you’re in uni!

If you’ve ever wondered how many hours a student can work and if it’s possible to manage working part-time with your degree, you’re not alone.

Although going to uni your main focus should be your degree, if your student loan doesn’t stretch as far as you’d like it to getting a part-time job is a great way to earn a bit of cash to help to fund your nights out and also to help you meet new people and teach you some valuable skills.

We sat down with Charley, a current student who answered all of the questions you could ever possibly have about having a part-time job in uni. From how many hours you can work to how to balance your work life and social life, we’ve got it covered.

Hopefully, this video was super helpful and informative. Although you can survive without one, having a part-time job can be really beneficial when you’re in uni, so if you’re thinking about looking for one once the madness of freshers’ dies down, everything that Charley said is a great reference point for taking the next steps!