Final Year Students: Get Paid To Tell Us About Your Job Search Journey

We’re looking to hire a student to write about their grad job-hunting process!

Looking for a grad job can be tough, trust us, we’ve all been there. If you’re a final-year student on the job hunt AND someone that loves and enjoys writing, you could be just the person we’re looking for!

Here at Student Beans, we want to open up our blog to student writers to share their experiences in their search to find a grad job. Not only will this help our student readers who could be in the same position and struggling to find a job, but it’s a great (paid!) opportunity to have your work published.

Think you’re up for the job? Here’s what you need to know.

What are we looking for?

We’re looking for someone to write for us regularly, and to document their search for a grad job from the beginning. From deciding what kind of job you want to the interview process and potentially even prep for your first day once you’ve landed a role.

You’ll need to be a final-year student and be willing to share your journey to finding a job with us and all our readers. It doesn’t matter specifically what degree you’re doing, but one that could open a lot of different career or job opportunities would be ideal as we’d love you to talk about the process you took to finding the ideal role for you.

We’ll be looking for 1-2 students to work with us and you’ll get paid for each article you write. You’ll also need to be able to commit to writing for us either weekly or every other week during your job search.

If this sounds like you, you can fill out the form right here to apply!

Why are we doing this?

We want to make sure that we’re doing everything we can to help students throughout all stages of uni, from freshers to beyond graduation. This content written by our future student writers will be part of our Futureproof plan which aims to improve students’ career confidence. We’re helping students to find their dream jobs, learn their strongest skills and basically smash life after uni. You can read more about Futureproof and how it can help you here.

If you think you’d be the perfect person for this job, you can apply now and we look forward to hearing from you.