Our Top Picks For Your Warm Weather Workouts & How To Get A Discount

Ready to sweat this summer?

Summer sunshine means summer fitness, and if you’re ready to get outside and get moving now that the weather is nice, you’ve come to the right place. Not sure where to start when it comes to getting workout clothes or new gear for the gym? Yeah, we’ve got that covered, too.

These 10 brands will help keep you moving and comfortable all summer long, from your sweatiest workouts to relaxing evening walks, and everything in between. Just remember to use your student discount on all these brands to save even more money!

1. Gymshark

Known for blending streetwear with workout clothes, Gymshark is constantly releasing new lines of clothing for every kind of workout imaginable. From breezy tank tops to the best running shorts, they’ve got you covered—literally.

Save 10% at Gymshark with Student Beans

2. Athletic Propulsion Labs

APL shoes have taken the market by storm recently with their innovative designs. A solid pair of running shoes is essential if you workout regularly, and APL will ensure your runs feel better without sacrificing style.

Save 15% + free shipping and returns at Athletic Propulsion Labs with Student Beans

3. Myprotein

Fueling your workouts before, during, and after are just as crucial as the workouts themselves. Myprotein has a myriad of supplements to fuel pre- and post-workout, along with plenty of snacks that you can throw in the bag for when hunger strikes on the go.

Save 42% + free shipping at Myprotein with Student Beans


If you’re serious about bodybuilding and powerlifting, GASP is your brand. Designed specifically for people who lift harder, GASP has clothes that won’t get in your way while you life. They even have gear you need like weight belts and wrist wraps!

Save 15% at GASP with Student Beans

5. Quest Nutrition

Trying to clean up your nutrition? Quest is ready to fuel you! They’ve got loads of healthy snacks for you to munch on, including protein cookies (frosted or unfrosted), chips, bars, candy, shakes, and more. You’ll never be without a healthy snack with their help.

Save 10% at Quest Nutrition with Student Beans

6. TRX

Working out in small spaces is a challenge, but TRX was designed to allow you to workout anywhere. Hook them into your door frame for a total body workout. There’s even app integration so you can get coaching during a workout, too!

Save 20% at TRX with Student Beans

7. 310 Nutrition

If weight loss is your goal, 310 Nutrition can help you do that in a safe, healthy way. Their meal replacement shakes are delicious and will keep you fuller for longer. They have over 154,000 five-star reviews, and there’s even a 30 day money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.

Save 15% off your first purchase at 310 Nutrition with Student Beans


ECHT has shown that you can workout and look good at the same time. With stylish clothing you’ll want to wear inside and outside the gym, you won’t have a problem finding something you love. Plus, they even have an online outlet with clothing up to 50% off!

Save 10% at ECHT with Student Beans

9. Reebok

There’s a reason Reebok has been around for decades—because they’re just that good. With everything under the sun you could need to get moving, this mainstay brand wants you to look and feel your best every time you get moving.

Save 50% at Reebok with Student Beans

10. Better Bodies

Better Bodies wants you to move a purpose, and that’s exactly how their clothes are designed as well. With clothes for you to wear in the gym, along with clothes designed for everything else (and tailored to fit your muscles), Better Bodies is innovating in the fitness wear world.

Save 15% at Better Bodies with Student Beans

No matter how you get moving this summer, we want you to be comfortable for every workout. There’s also tons of brands we didn’t even get to feature on the Student Beans website, so be sure to check them out, too!

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