The Best Travel Hacks Airlines Don’t Want You To Know About

All the travel advice you didn’t know you needed.

Planning on traveling this summer? Then you’re going to want to pay attention. Since traveling is such a hassle lately (within the past few years), every hack counts towards making your experience that much better.

These TikTok users have found the best travel hacks the airlines don’t want you to know about—and now you’ll know them, too!

Avoid Lost Baggage


Pro Tip: If you dont want your bags to get lost when traveling… remove old stickers from past trips off your luggage. #FlyONT #SoCalSoEasy

♬ Sunshine – WIRA

Lost bags are one of the absolute worst things to happen when you’re traveling, but there is an easy way to ensure your bag makes it to your final destination. Toronto International Airport revealed a tip from one of their baggage handlers that makes sorting your bag much easier.

“Let’s say you flew American and a month later you flew Southwest,” he says. “Well, there’s a little sticker that goes on for American that tells the computer to go there. There’s a chance it scans [the old one] instead of the new one…and not get on the plane.”

TLDR? Remove your old baggage tags before you fly! Obviously carrying your luggage on the plane is the best way to make sure you have it, but when you check a bag, take off those old stickers.

Skip TSA Checks

@megansbubble What to do if you keep getting stopped in airports. ✈️🧳 #travel #pilot #flightattendant #flying #airport #travelfail #helpmeplease #helpme ♬ original sound – Megan Chicago Content Creator

TSA “random” checks aren’t nearly as random as you might believe. Did you know there are even ways you can avoid them entirely?

One TikTok user showed her boarding pass marked with “SSSS.” This code means you’ve been flagged by the TSA, revealing why you might get stopped more than other people when you fly.

The solution? You can file a formal complaint with TSA and get a redress number. All you have to do is provide specific information and dates regarding the additional screenings. This is great for people who get stopped frequently, despite always following airline rules.

Get Your Checked Bags To Fly Free


Anyone else think its insane checked bags or carry ons arent included for international flights now???

♬ original sound – Nicole Nina | solo traveler

Sick of paying extra when you have to check bags? Then you’ll need this tip ASAP. Just note it only works for specific airlines (United, American, Lufthansa, Iberia, etc.).

First, check in to your flight online. Then download your ticket on your phone and go through security like normal.

Once you’re at your gate, ask if you can check your bag. More often than not, airlines will ask people at the gate if they’re willing to check their bags due to a lack of overhead storage room on the plane. Then the airline will let it fly for free.

An Essential For Cruises

The one essential item you need on your next cruise vacation? A Ziplock bag. One TikTok user explained why this item is a must-have for any cruise.

“One, it’s great to have to keep and store food in your stateroom for late-night snacks,” she says.

Another great benefit is it allows you to bring snacks from the ship with you on port days, allowing you to save money on meals.

Hotel Safety


Solo travel tip: if someone at the front desk does this, request a room change. Immediately. This might seem like no big deal, but it matters, especially for solo female travelers #solofemaletraveler #solofemaletravel #solotravelwoman #solotraveltips #solotraveling #blackgirltraveltok #blackgirltravelslay

♬ original sound – Patrice | solo travel fashion

It’s important to be safe when you travel this summer, and one TikToker revealed an important tip when it comes to checking into your hotel.

When checking in, if the hotel clerk announces your room number out loud while other guests are present, you should request a different room. And while this advice is mainly directed towards women but is applicable for all solo travelers.

There is no reason at all for someone who works at the hotel to say your room number out loud,” she says. “They should just be able to slide you your key.”

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