What Students Look Forward To (& Dread) About Coming Home From College

Winter break is almost here! What are you excited about?

The holidays are right around the corner, which means you’re going to be headed home soon! Campus will start to empty out, and you’ll be reunited with family and friends. And believe us when we say you guys are ready for a break—because we asked!

According to an Instagram survey Student Beans posted recently, here’s what you all are most (and least) excited about when it comes to going home for break.

The Good

1. Privacy

If you’re in a dorm or an apartment, you’re likely sharing space with someone. Being at home (even when you’re with your family) at least gives you your own room to hide away in and it’s 100% your own space. This is a much-needed respite from roommates, even if they are your best friends. Everyone needs some time apart from each other, after all.

2. Homemade Food

Nothing really can compare to mom’s cooking, can it? Especially when you’re coming in town for a holiday, getting home-cooked meals is a welcome blessing. Plus, your family is also probably a little more lenient and is fine with you requesting your favorite foods the whole time you’re home!

3. Sleep

This came up multiple times from you guys. Whether it’s because you’re taking a break from classes or just resting in a bed that’s actually comfortable for a change, nothing beats the sleep you get when you’re at home. Rest up as much as you can to ensure you can head back to campus feeling refreshed and ready to go.

4. Family Time

Especially during the holidays, seeing family is important, and we love that you guys love seeing them! Plenty of you are so excited to spend some quality time with the fam over winter break. And we’d be willing to bet they’re happy to see you, too.

The Bad

1. Expenses

Unfortunately with the holidays come plenty of opportunities to spend money. From Black Friday to Christmas shopping, or even just going out with friends in your hometown, it always feels like there’s an excuse to grab your wallet. Just try and pace yourself so you don’t wind up broke over the course of a week.

2. Stressful Travel Plans

You might be hyped to go home and see your family, but getting there is another issue entirely. Driving can take ages, gas is expensive right now, and you never know when there’s going to be an unexpected traffic jam. Flying is even worse right now between the cost, how many flights are still getting canceled, and showing up at the airport 4 hours before your actual flight. Yikes.

3. Family Time (Again)

While some of you guys are ready to see your family, others…not so much. The holidays can be a super stressful time to connect, especially when differing opinions are thrown into the mix. We get how that can lead to some uncomfortable conversations (and for you to be ready to head back to campus ASAP).

4. Helping At Home

There’s bound to be something your parents need help with when you come home from college, and they’re going to ask you for help. And we know you’re going to at least try being the good child that you are, but we know—it gets really old really fast. Just try and be patient. But if it’s anything about technology, just tell them to call IT.

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