You Can Get A 30-Pack Mac & Cheese College Care Package From Kraft

Stock up on all the cheesy goodness. 🧀

Sometimes the biggest question of the day is, “What am I going to eat for dinner?” And when you ask yourself that same question every single day, it can get really old really fast. Thankfully, Kraft knows the struggle and wants to make your life easier.

Kraft recently released a 30-pack of mac & cheese, specifically designed to be a college care package. Find out how to get your hands on this delicious deal, along with 30 different ways to dress up your mac & cheese.

Where To Get Kraft’s Mac & Cheese College Care Package

Don’t head to the grocery store to grab this incredible pasta-based carer package. This offer is available exclusively with Amazon.

And if the month-long supply of mac & cheese wasn’t enough of an incentive, you also get a set of reusable utensils in a convenient carrying case.

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30 Ways To Eat Your Mac & Cheese

While your dinner for the entire month might be taken care of, you might be thinking about the possibility of mac & cheese burnout. A valid concern, to be sure. But that’s why we’re here to help!

We’ve come up with 30 different ways to dress up your mac & cheese to ensure you won’t be bored during your meals:

  1. Breadcrumbs, to add crunch
  2. Truffle oil, when you feel fancy
  3. Broccoli, when you’re trying to be healthy-ish
  4. Shredded chicken, for protein
  5. Roasted cauliflower, for texture
  6. Kale, when you’re actually being healthy
  7. Bacon bits, for extra savoriness
  8. Hot sauce, for a kick
  9. Spinach, to remind your body vegetables aren’t all gross
  10. Extra cheese, because obviously
  11. Mustard, to add tanginess
  12. Pulled pork, for BBQ vibes
  13. Pesto, in honor of Italy
  14. Green beans, for a quick version of green bean casserole
  15. Lobster, to be boujee
  16. Hot dogs, to feel nostalgic
  17. Tuna, for a quick version of tuna casserole
  18. Peas, since they pair well with pasta
  19. Ham, to make it feel hearty
  20. Tomato soup, to combine mac & cheese with grilled cheese and tomato soup
  21. Jalapeños, for spice
  22. Ground beef, a la Hamburger Helper
  23. Onions, for extra flavor
  24. Garlic, for cheesy garlic bread vibes
  25. Shrimp, like a mac & cheese gumbo
  26. Pepperoni, for when you can’t decide between pizza and mac & cheese
  27. Black pepper, for college cacio e pepe
  28. Mushrooms, for sandwich melt vibes
  29. Kimchi, for a Korean twist
  30. Sausage, for breakfast mac & cheese

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