How to Have Your Healthiest Semester Yet

Prioritize your health this school year. 🍽️

Eating healthy in college can be a real challenge. It’s easy to stock your dorm with junk food, and finding a well-balanced meal is sometimes next to impossible. So what are you supposed to do as a college student focused on your physical health?

That’s where meal kit services like Home Chef come in. Whether you’re still in the dorms or have your first apartment, there’s a plan that will fit your needs perfectly. Plus, you’ll get 50% off your first 4 boxes when you use Student Beans!

Stock Your Room With Quick & Easy Meals

Did you know Home Chef has an entire category of their menu devoted to meals that are done in 30 minutes or less? This is the perfect option for when you need something to eat in a hurry in between classes.

With options like tacos and pasta, you’ll never be bored with what’s on the menu. And the meal kits come with pre-portioned ingredients to make the cooking process easier than ever before!

Balance Your Plate

Remember the “healthy meal” plate you learned about in school? Yeah, well implementing that as an adult can be tricky, especially when the options at the dining hall usually aren’t the healthiest choices. But Home Chef has got you covered.

Almost all meals Home Chef offer strive to have a balance of healthy carbs, protein, and veggies on your plate. This allows you to have a balanced meal without having to think about it too much.

Work Around Your Dietary Restrictions

Home Chef makes working around your dietary restrictions easy! Trying to eat keto or low-carb? Vegetarian or just wanting to eat more plant based proteins? No matter what your dietary choices or restrictions are, Home Chef has an option for you.

To make it easy, Home Chef has menu tags that will tell you if the meal is carb-conscious, calorie conscious, keto or vegetarian. You can also use the Customize It tool to swap out or double up on your proteins.

Allow for Flexibility

You might be worried about signing up for a meal subscription service while you’re in college because your schedule is so busy. What are you supposed to do if you’re going to be out of town for a week? Or what about when you head home for longer breaks? No worries there!

Home Chef allows you to pause your subscription at any time, for as long as you want, no hassle involved. This is perfect for if just want to try Home Chef for a for weeks, or if you have some fun events to go to and need to take a quick pause!

Try Plenty of New Foods

As they say, variety is the spice of life. With 30 different meal options every week, you’ll never get bored when you eat Home Chef meals. You can try plenty of new foods every single week, expanding your palate without breaking the bank.

And if you have a tried and true favorite? Keep an eye out for it so you can order it when it shows up on the menu again! Everyone is allowed to have their favorites, after all.

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This post is a sponsored post in partnership with Home Chef.