Get Paid $100,000 Every Year To Taste Candy

Ready to be a Chief Candy Officer?

If sitting around and eating candy all day sounds like your dream job, then you’re going to want to check this out. Confectionary company Candy Funhouse is looking to name one lucky person their new Chief Candy Officer. The best part? The annual salary is $100,000 every. single. year.

One Sweet Gig

If hired, you’ll be responsible for choosing which products Candy Funhouse should carry, leading board meetings, along with being the primary candy taste tester. There will even be palate training, guaranteeing that you’ll be a certified professional. You’ll also be able to award the products you pick with the “CCO Stamp of Approval.”

“Whoever lands this position better be ready for the ride of their lives, and to have chocolate flowing through their veins. I’m thrilled for all the candy adventures we have planned,” said Candy Funhouse CEO Jamal Hejazi.


To be eligible, you only need to be over five years old and living in North America. No, seriously—that’s it. It’s a full-time job, and you’re even allowed to work from home, making this the ultimate dream job for candy-lovers everywhere.

How To Apply

To send in your application, click here! The deadline to apply is August 31.

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