Get A Free DiGiorno’s Pizza During The Super Bowl

Will we get a repeat of last year’s Super Bowl kicks?

The Super Bowl is right around the corner, which means everyone is already planning their parties. More importantly, you’re probably already wondering what you’re going to eat while you’re watching the Chiefs and the 49ers play. And that’s very much a valid question to be asking, even if you don’t have anything at stake during the big game.

But does free pizza sound like the perfect way to celebrate the biggest football game of the year? Then you’re going to want to take advantage of this special offer from DiGiorno’s. Find out how you can snag a free pizza while you’re watching Super Bowl LVIII. But you’re going to actually watch the game, so be sure to pay attention!

How To Get Your Free DiGiorno’s Pizza

Last year, DiGiorno’s debuted their DiGiorno Doinks promotion during Super Bowl LVII. If a field goal or extra point kick hit the upright or crossbar, you were eligible to get a free pizza. Shockingly enough, it happened last year during the game, sending pizza fans across the country into a frenzy. Hoping for a repeat of last year, DiGiorno’s is running the promotion again. Be on the lookout for another kick to hit the goalpost (making a “DOINK” sound).

“Since kicking and special teams continue to be such an important part of the game, we’re doubling down on our Big Game offer of a chance to win free pizza,” said DiGiorno’s Senior Brand Manager.

Head over to their website every day from February 1 through 11 to put your name into the raffle for a chance to win the free pizza. Simply submit your entry and hope for the kick to hit the goalpost during the game!

Doinks For Dollars

DiGiorno’s is also putting up a cash prize in partnership with DraftKings to give away some serious cash for your predictions for the Super Bowl. The best part of this deal? You don’t have to bet any money to win. Simply make your guesses about the outcome of the game and sign up (or log in) for a DraftKings account for your chance to win.

Head over to the DraftKings website to get started and start putting your bets in. Score points for every correct prediction you make about the game in real time. The person with the most points wins a whopping $20,000! Plus, there’s plenty of other smaller prizes up for grabs, too.

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