How To Get 4 Meals From Chipotle For $9

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With cost of living being ridiculous right now (especially when it comes to eating out), everyone could use a little break. And that’s exactly why we’re thankful the internet exists—it’s time for another TikTok food hack.

Find out how you can get 4 meals from Chipotle for the price of one with one simple hack that changes the game.

How To Get Free Chipotle


My chiptole hack! Get extra sides for free! Double amount of food for free 🥳 #chipotle #chipotlehack #freefood #freefoodhack

♬ original sound – Hayley 🙂

TikTok user @hayleydlm revealed how she gets four meals worth of Chipotle for the price of just $9. She explains that whenever she orders from the restaurant chain, she always asks for extra sides.

The hack works because the sides at Chipotle are free. Her entire meal (which fills an entire reusable container) for only $9.18. It’s definitely worth trying the next time you stop by Chipotle for lunch.

Some users were quick to point out, however, that some Chipotle restaurants are stingy when they give out extra sides. Still, it never hurts to ask!

Other Chipotle Deals

If your Chipotle isn’t quite as liberal with their free sides, you can always sign up for Chipotle’s rewards program. You’ll get 10 point for every $1 spent there, so the rewards add up fast.

Head over to their website to sign up for free now.

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