How To Get More Fresh Air During Winter & Enjoy The Outdoors

Feel like you can’t get out the front door as soon as winter hits? Here are some easy ways to get some fresh air. 

If your winter normally consists of you snoozing your alarm, skipping your 9AM lectures, wearing your pyjamas to Tesco and spending 99% of your time under your duvet, you’re not alone.

The cold and dark UK weather can make all motivation fly out of the window when it comes to going outside to stay active, but as hard as it is, making sure you’re getting fresh air is one thing that can really help if you struggle with SAD or just aren’t the biggest fan of the colder weather.

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Here are our hacks on how you can get outside more and enjoy some fresh air this winter.

1. Join a running club or society

Alright let’s face it, if you’re not a pro runner getting up to go for a run isn’t as easy as it sounds. While running might only require you to get up and put a pair of trainers on, when it’s cold outside it’s much easier to stay in bed, order a pizza and stick on a film instead.

However, if you actually do want to start and not quit straight away, a running club or society is a great way to keep you accountable and to meet new people. Plus, they’ll probably pester you and ask when you’re coming back so you can’t get out of it that easily.

It can be less daunting when you’re running with other people and you can go at your own pace with the support of a team to help you feel motivated and to help you show up for each session.

Parkrun is also a great way for beginners to get involved and get some fresh air on the weekend, it doesn’t matter how much experience you have with running the people there will be friendly, supportive and welcoming. You can find your local Parkrun events on their website and anyone is welcome to turn up to run or walk the route.

2. Find hiking trails

The UK has some great hiking trails and you probably won’t live too far away from one. A hike is a great way to get some fresh air, walk at your own pace, enjoy the scenery and be at one with nature. 

The Wildlife Trust’s website has a map showing hiking trails across the UK for all abilities, whether you’re a regular hiker or if it’s your first time.

There are some really beautiful areas of the UK away from the major cities so you could round up your housemates and book an affordable weekend away to explore some of the more rural areas and hiking trails together.

3. Book a trip somewhere snowy

If you need a holiday, consider booking a skiing or snowboarding trip with some of your friends this winter. Many unis also have skiing trips or clubs on offer, so it’s worth seeing if your uni is running anything as skiing is a super fun way to enjoy time outdoors AND get a holiday out of it too.

Whether you’ve been skiing a few times or you’re a total beginner, getting out on the slopes and seeing miles of fresh snow is a great feeling and a really fun way to stay active and get outside of your comfort zone. You can get all the skiing gear you need from Salomon, so you’ll be prepared for whatever the trip throws at you.

4. Invest in a good pair of trainers or boots

If you’re going to try and get outside more this winter, it’s time to throw out your smelly old trainers as you’ll want to make sure you have a good pair–– not only so you’re comfortable but also so they can withstand the elements.

Put down those old Primark trainers, you don’t want your socks getting wet as soon as you step outside. Salomon has loads of great styles for trail running, road running, hiking and skiing so whatever it is you’re trying out you’ll be comfortable. Here are some of our fave styles to try out this winter.

Sense Ride 5- £130

The Sense Ride 5 has been designed for trail running and will adapt to a variety of terrains while being comfortable all day long. This style is versatile and ideal if you plan on running 2-3 times a week.

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XA Pro 3D V9- £140

These running trainers are durable and supportive with All Terrain Contagrip, suitable for running pretty much anywhere. If you plan on running a few times a week and want to run on both roads or trails they’re a great long-lasting investment.

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X Ultra 4 Mid Winter Thinsulate™️ ClimaSalomon™️ Waterproof- £180

If you want an all-round pair of boots for winter, the X Ultra 4 are designed for wintery terrain and cold weather. With warm insulation and a protective grip, they’re great for hiking, running and just generally tackling the outdoors this winter.

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With this in mind, hopefully, you feel more confident about getting outside this winter and trying some new things to help you get some fresh air. Don’t forget to use your 10% student discount at Salomon so you can stock up on outdoor jackets, midlayers, trainers, boots, skiing gear and more so you can tackle whatever’s on your to do list this winter!

What are you going to try this winter?

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