Best food subscription boxes 2023
Best food subscription boxes 2023

Best Food Subscription Boxes 2023

Make your life that little bit easier by using food subscription boxes to take the hassle out of shopping.

Work smarter, not harder, right? The whole process of cooking can be time-consuming and, quite frankly, just a bit of a pain. From coming up with meal ideas to going out and buying the ingredients — who can really be that bothered?

As students, we know your time is precious. When your day is filled with lectures (or snoozing the alarm), studying, socialising, and maybe even a part-time job, there’s barely any time left to slice an onion or preheat the oven.

Food subscription boxes can be a real lifesaver. It’s like living back at home with your parents, but without the dad jokes and lack of privacy. You can choose from a range of cuisines or dietary requirements, and the boxes will be delivered straight to your door. No more eating the same bland meals every day. A food subscription box is going to be your new best friend.

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Best food subscription boxes in the UK

Food subscription boxes have risen in popularity in the UK during the past few years and it’s no wonder thanks to everyone’s busy schedules. Cooking doesn’t need to be a chore, it should be fun, inventive, and satisfying. No more stale crackers and dry cheese because you can’t be bothered to head out to the supermarket. 

These are the best food subscription boxes in the UK depending on your needs. Go on, give ‘em a try.

Best veggie meal boxes

HelloFresh — Starts from £3.15/pp

Best veggie meal boxes - Hello Fresh

HelloFresh is great for anyone, but particularly vegetarians because you can choose your own meals. All you have to do is select the number of people, how many recipes a week, and choose what kind of recipes you want, such as mostly meat, veggie, and quick cook. With over 44 different recipes to choose from every week (including sides and desserts!), you’ll definitely find a few new faves.

Get student discount for HelloFresh.

Gousto — Starts from £3.47/pp

Best veggie meal boxes - Gousto

Gousto is a great option for veggie meal boxes, choosing from regular or large boxes depending on how many mouths you need to feed. You can also save even more money if you choose the ‘Save and Savour’ recipes over the classic Gousto recipes. There’s over 40 vegetarian recipes to try, all far more interesting than your bog-standard mushroom burger or salad.

Get student discount for Gousto.

Pasta Evangelists — As cheap as £5.85/pp

Best veggie meal boxes - Pasta Evangelists

If there’s one thing veggies love, it’s pasta. And of course, it’s a student staple. If you’re bored of making pesto pasta or sick of sugary jarred sauces, then a Pasta Evangelists subscription is one for you. Choose from exciting vegetarian dishes that will make you feel like you’re eating in Italy (your broken IKEA sofa will do though). Fresh, artisan pasta delivered straight to your door. Heaven.

Get student discount for Pasta Evangelists.

Best vegan recipe boxes

Grubby — As cheap as £4.31/pp

Best vegan recipe boxes - Grubby

Grubby is the UK’s first 100% plant-based recipe kit, with a mission to be as sustainable as possible. AND each box delivered means a meal donated to a child who lives in poverty and needs it most — hold for applause. And aside from their impressive repertoire, their vegan recipes are fun, delicious and cover cuisines from all around the world. An easier and more creative way for people to try going vegan.

Get student discount for Grubby.

AllPlants — Recipes start as cheap as £2.95/pp

Best vegan recipe boxes - AllPlants

Vegans, you’re in luck. As the name suggests, this food subscription box is all plants. They focus on sustainability and ensuring that each recipe is as nutritious as possible — perfect for balancing out a student diet. They have an enormous range of vegan recipes, from pies and tarts to pasta, risottos and even Buddha bowls. Eat your way around the world, one vegan step at a time.

Get student discount for AllPlants.

Best keto meal delivery box

Green Chef — Prices start at £4.70

Best keto meal delivery boxes - Green Chef

Green Chef subscription boxes are really great if you often change up your dietary preferences. Their box options include a keto version, which consists of super low-carb foods with leafy greens, lean meat and dairy. There are also flexitarian, pescatarian and lower carb options as well. You can choose your box size and number of meals you want per week, too, which is super handy if you’re unsure where you’ll be hanging from week to week (i.e. back at home during weekends or seeing your bestie at their uni).

Get student discount for Green Chef.

Best low carb meal delivery

Mindful Chef — Prices as low as £5.44 per serving

Best low carb meal delivery - Mindful Chef

Mindful Chef creates healthy and innovative dinners so you don’t have to. You can choose  boxes to serve one person, two people or a family, and you can choose whether you want a protein-packed box or vegan choices, plus other dietary options. All choices are nutritious and low-carb, focusing on minimising the consumption of stodgy refined carbs.

Get student discount for Mindful Chef.

Best protein meals delivered to your door

Muscle Food — Prices start at £30 for a box

Best protein meals delivered to your door - Muscle Food

Great for avid gym-goers or anyone who needs to eat a lot of protein, Muscle Food boxes are brilliant for stocking up on all your protein essentials. We’re talking varieties of meat, protein snacks, dairy products and protein breakfast items, anything you could possibly want. You can choose from four box sizes starting from £30 up to £100 — a great choice if you have a huge freezer. 

Get student discount for Muscle Food.

Best monthly snack subscription box

Graze — £4.99 per box

Best monthly snack subscription box - Graze

Graze is hugely popular for their healthier snack options that fit straight through your letterbox — no awkward encounters with the postman needed. Choose from three types of graze box: light, variety, and vegan. All boxes are packed with a delicious selection of snacks and nibbles (both sweet and salty), ideal for picking at while you study.

Get student discount for Graze.

If you fancy branching out and doing your own food shopping, as well as the prep and cooking work, check out the cheapest online supermarkets for delivery. Look at you, chef.