Dancing in a club - going out outfits
Dancing in a club - going out outfits

The Best Going Out Outfits For Nights Out In 2023

Going out outfits that suit a student budget.

Going out outfits can be tricky and it’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed with what you’re supposed to wear throughout freshers’ week and beyond (even picking out outfits daily is a challenge).

Whether you’re going to a club, bar, house party or a first date wondering what to wear can be tough. Certain bars and clubs will have dress codes, whereas others really won’t care what you turn up in, so it can be hard to get the right balance. But basically, if you don’t turn up in your PJs then you’re probably good to go.

If you need some advice on what type of clothes to pack for uni, or what to buy on your next shopping spree here’s your ultimate guide to going out outfits.

Best going out outfits

Casual night out

For a casual night out, you don’t need to stress too much as there won’t be a dress code. Trust us, people turn up to uni clubs in fancy dress or their pyjamas all the time and no one bats an eyelid, but if you’re not planning on going that casual, jeans and a nice top is always a winner. Simply team your favourite jeans with a crop top, corset or bodysuit, a casual shirt or baggy t-shirt, or try a denim skirt or cargo pants instead if you find jeans uncomfortable to wear in clubs.

Look 1

You can’t go wrong with a classic pair of straight-leg jeans and a Bridgerton-style corset. Perfect for bars, dinners, clubs and more.

Light Blue Wash Asymmetric Waistband Long Straight Leg Jeans- PrettyLittleThing, £30

going out outfits - blue jeans from prettylittlething

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Black Bandage Hook And Eye Structured Corset- PrettyLittleThing, £25

black corset from prettylittlething - going out outfits

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Look 2

If you’re going on a casual night out, you don’t need to stress too much about what to wear. These cargo pants from ASOS teamed with a simple t-shirt and loose checked shirt is ideal for a stress free look.

ASOS DESIGN oversized balloon parachute cargo trouser in black- ASOS, £35

Black asos cargo trousers - going out outfits

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ASOS DESIGN Regular Check Shirt- ASOS, £20

going out outfits - checked shirt asos

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Club night

Clubs can have varying dress codes, so make sure you check what you’re getting into before you plan your outfit. Dresses and heels or smart trousers and shirts can go in some clubs whereas other clubs won’t mind denim skirts or jeans with a crop top or t-shirt.

At the end of the day, you’re probably going to be dancing or at least getting hot and sweaty so try and avoid anything too restrictive so you won’t be overheating all night.

Look 1

Clubs can be hot and sweaty, so you’ll want to wear something which allows you to move freely without overheating. A denim skirt teamed with a classic halter top is a simple and easy affordable club look that you can re wear again and again.

Pimkie metallic shiny halterneck top in silver – ASOS, 17.99

Asos silver halter neck top going out outfit

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ASOS Weekend Collective low rise denim mini skirt in mid wash – ASOS, £30

dark blue mini denim skirt asos going out outfits

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Look 2

Clubs normally don’t have a super strict dress code, if you’re heading to your regular student night these baggy jeans and a simple t-shirt is probably all you need.

Dr Denim Kobe wide leg jeans in dark blue – ASOS, £70

Dark asos blue jeans going out outfits for men

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ASOS DESIGN T-Shirt With Crew Neck in Black- ASOS, £8

black tshirt going out outfits for men

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House parties are normally fairly chilled out, so anything goes. With no bouncers on the door, no one’s really going to be judging your outfit so it’s best to just go in whatever you’re most comfortable in. Jeans, cargos, flared trousers and a casual top, t-shirt or shirt will all work fine or you could even wear a casual dress. Plus, you’re going to someone’s house, so you can bring a jacket or coat without worrying about where you’re going to put it all night

Look 1

So, let’s get it straight house parties are more relaxed and laid back so you can really wear whatever. Seeing as you’ll probably be doing a lot of mingling, sitting down or chatting your outfit probably isn’t going to be the centre of attention like it would in a fancy bar, so simple ASOS cargos and a halter top is a perfect choice.

ASOS DESIGN 00’s low rise cargo trousers in white- ASOS, £15.50

white cargo trousers asos going out outfits for women

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Blue Stripe Cross Front Knit Crop Top- PrettyLittleThing, £15

going out outfits stripe knit crop top womens prettylittlething

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Look 2

House parties are casual, so simply team a branded or plain t-shirt and a pair of baggy jeans for an everyday house party look.

ASOS DESIGN Classic Rigid Jeans in Light Stone Wash Blue- ASOS, £25

club outfits light blue jeans for men

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ASOS DESIGN t-shirt with crew neck in white- ASOS, £8

white asos tshirt mens going out outfits

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Smart and formal nights

Students are no strangers to smart and formal events, and chances are you’ll be attending at least 1 or 2 a year. If the idea of a formal event sends you into panic mode, there’s no need to worry as this is probably one of the easiest events to coordinate an outfit for. Heels and dresses, two-piece blazer sets, suits or smart shirts and work trousers are the go-to here, so try and keep at least one formal outfit in your wardrobe for when a summer ball or formal turns up.

Look 1

If you’re going all out for a formal event, a fancy first date or a girly night out this satin midi dress from Oh Polly is sure to make you the centre of attention.

Farrah Wrap Midaxi in Aqua- Oh Polly, £28

blue wrap dress Oh Polly

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Look 2

You’ll need to wear a suit at least once or twice a uni year, so invest in this one from ASOS to keep in the back of your wardrobe for when those formal night outs call.

ASOS Design Super Skinny Tuxedo Suit in Black- less than £100

formal outfits tuxedo mens asos

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Girl or boy night outs

So, you’re going on your big girls/boy night out? Girl nights out are always about dressing your best for yourself, so you’ll probably want to wear a nice dress and heels or jeans paired with a corset or cute crop top. For boys’ nights out, you can wear smart trousers with a shirt, or jeans and a t-shirt if you’re going somewhere more casual but always remember to communicate with your friends to check in with what they’re wearing so you won’t be the odd one out.

Look 1

Girls night out means it’s time to dress up, so grab this stunning satin dress from Oh Polly teamed with your favourite heels and jewellery for a head-turning look.

Cleo Sweetheart Mini Dress Ivory- Oh Polly, £32

sweetheart ivory dress from oh polly

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Look 2

You probably won’t need to go all out for your boys night out, unless you’re going somewhere with a fancy dress code. If you’re just headed to your local pub or favourite bar grab a tailored jacket like this one from boohooMAN with a pair of smart trousers.

Tailored Jacket- boohooMAN, £22.40

Khaki jacket boohoo man

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Nylon Technical Trouser- boohooMAN, £24.50

black nylon trousers men boohooman

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First date

So, you’ve agreed to go on a first date and you have no idea what to wear? Trust us, you won’t be alone on this. First dates are scary enough without the added pressure of trying to look good to impress your date, but the key to nailing the first impression is communicating beforehand. If you’re just going for coffee or a casual meal for your first date, you can just go in something you’re comfortable in, but if you’re meeting at a bar or club you’ll probably want to dress to impress. Double-check the dress code beforehand, but you can’t go wrong with jeans and a nice top here.

Look 1

If you’ve agreed to go for drinks or dinner for your first date, a nice corset top like this one from Oh Polly along with some casual jeans is a winning combo you can’t go wrong with.

Noelle Long Sleeve Corset Top in Brown- Oh Polly, £38

club outfits brown corset oh polly

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Petite Bright Blue Ripped High Waist Slim Fit Tori Mom Jeans, £33.99

Blue ripped jeans new look womens

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Look 2

Don’t stress about your first date look! As long as you look like you’ve made an effort with your overall appearance a pair of smart/casual jeans or trousers along with an overshirt will work perfectly.

Straight Leg Side Zip Hem Cargo jeans- boohooMAN, £24.50

Black cargo jeans boohoo man

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Jersey Utility Button Through Overshirt- boohooMAN, £15.40

going out outfits

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Best gender-neutral outfits for going out

For gender-neutral going-out outfits, it’s always best to go in what you’re comfortable in. While pushing yourself out of your comfort zone can be fun sometimes, other times it’s best to go for comfort over something new. For clubs or bars that don’t really have a dress code, you can wear your favourite jeans or cargos with a t-shirt or shirt for a casual look, teamed with some trainers and a leather or denim jacket if it’s a bit cold.

Or, if you’re going out somewhere that’s a bit more formal get your hands on a smart pair of trousers and a blazer or jacket or a few smarter shirts to team with suit trousers or work style trousers.

COLLUSION Unisex co-ord denim jacket and jeans in raw — ASOS, £37.99

We love this dark, raw looking denim jacket that is perfect for chucking on after a night out or dressed down for the morning after.

COLLUSION Unisex co-ord denim jacket and jeans in raw

Reclaimed Vintage unisex long sleeve net top in black — ASOS, £25.99

Unisex ASOS black netted top

This black netted top is ideal for added a bit of edge to your going out outfits. Wear on its own or layered.

COLLUSION x000 Unisex festival straight leg jean tie dye in green — ASOS, £21.50

Green tiedye jeans asos unisex

Going out outfits don’t have to be boring. These green tiedye jeans are ideal for adding a splash of colour to your clubbing ‘fit.

Best shoes for a night out

The big question…what shoes do I wear for a night out? Planning going out outfits can take a bit of work, and it’s always the shoes that can be the difficult part. Certain bars and clubs will have dress codes and will expect you to ditch your trainers, whereas other clubs will have no issue with you wearing your trusty Air Force 1s.

Luckily, we’ve written up a handy guide on absolutely everything you need to know about night-out shoes and where to buy trainers and smart shoes with a student discount to complete all of your going out outfits. So, make sure you familiarise yourself with what must-have shoes you’ll need in your student wardrobe for your first year of uni and beyond.

Check out our guide to every pair of shoes you’ll need to pack for uni.

If you’re not hitting the bars and clubs but want some comfy shoes for the colder seasons, we’ve got you. Check out the best Ugg slippers for men to keep you warm.

Are skinny jeans out of style?

Skinny jeans were a huge trend in the 2010s but according to TikTok they’re now “cheugy”. If you’re not familiar with the term, this basically means that they’re no longer considered fashionable and nowadays baggier jeans such as wide-leg jeans, dad/boyfriend jeans, mom jeans, straight-leg jeans or flared jeans are much more in style.

Let’s face it, skinny jeans aren’t the most comfortable to wear and other styles not only offer more comfort and versatility but can be more flattering on a wider range of body types. However, if you still love your trusted skinny jeans there’s no need to fear as many people still believe they’ll always have a place in fashion and at the end of the day if you like something you can wear it.

Are ripped jeans still in style?

Ripped jeans in varied styles seem to go in and out of fashion, but it takes a quick browse of TikTok to see that ripped jeans are still everywhere. While ripped jeans may not be to everyone’s taste, you’ll still see plenty of people rocking distressed denim whether it’s a subtle knee slit or a more extreme rip. Ripped jeans also look great for more casual going-out outfits, so if you don’t own a pair yet maybe now’s the time to try out the trend.