10 Fun Alternatives To Drinking During Freshers’

If you don’t drink, there are plenty of fun things you can do during your freshers’ week that don’t involve alcohol.

Whether you don’t drink at all, or just want to take a break from drinking there’s no reason why you can’t have fun during your freshers’ week. Although a lot of freshers’ and uni culture does revolve around drinking, you definitely won’t be alone if you prefer not to or choose not to drink.

Here are some fun things you can do with your flatmates that don’t have to include drinking alcohol:

1. Have a movie night


2. Join societies


3. Go to a pub quiz (it doesn’t have to include alcohol!)


4. Try out new local restaurants


5. Have a board or video games night


6. Watch a sports match at your uni


7. Go sightseeing


8. Visit a local museum


9. Have a Bake Off or Come Dine With Me night


10. Go to clubs, but drink soft drinks


Don’t forget that you won’t be the only person in your entire university that isn’t drinking, there will be other people who choose not to as well. The best way you can make friends without alcohol during freshers’ is to make sure that you’re still going out and doing things, as this is your opportunity to make friends and meet new people. Uni doesn’t have to revolve around alcohol, but as long as you’re getting out and trying new things you’ll have a great time either way.