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Shark FlexStyle - For the price tag, this is a tool that delivers on all fronts. It's a little more complex to get the hang of than a standard one-style tool, but when you consider that it is suited to all hair types, lengths, and styling preferences, there are few people the Shark FlexStyle won't impress.

Women and Home

Shark Stratos Cordless Vacuum - I am a true convert. Evangelical, even. I will be telling strangers in the Post Office queue about the sheer power of the Shark Stratos Cordless Vacuum. I genuinely couldn't believe the amount of dust it was pulling up, but seeing is believing, and the transparent dust trap laid my cleaning sins bare. It is the best vacuum I've encountered in my thirty plus years on earth. I am in awe.

Evening Standard

Shark Stratos IZ420UKT - There's the CleanSense IQ feature, which adjusts that wonderful suction power in the areas where you need it the most, without you needing to think about it. And if you hate nasty musty vacuum bin smells, then just wait until you hear about the Anti Odour Technology that Shark have to offer to make the Stratos one of the best vacuums ever.

Ideal Home

Shark Cordless Handheld Vacuum WV200UK - This small but mighty hand vacuum is typical of Shark's dedication to people-pleasing. Super light, nor underpowered, it's a great little and comes with an absolute banger of a price tag, too. Great for messes around the house due to its compact size, it makes an excellent second vacuum for quick cleaning jobs in a large family home.

Real Homes

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How much is the Shark student discount?

Shark offers 10% off to students with a Shark discount code, which you can get here at Student Beans. You'll also get free delivery and returns with Shark purchases.


How to find Shark promotions and vouchers?

All Shark promos and vouchers can be found alongside our official Shark student discount codes on this page.


What can I use my Shark discount code on?

As a student, you'll get 10% discount at Shark – which can be spent ons Hair Dryers & Stylers, Vacuum Cleaners,  Steam Mops, Air Purifiers, and all sorts more!


What are hair stylers and how do they work?

Air stylers work by using airflow to style and shape wet or damp hair as it dries, using lower temperatures than a styling tool which applies direct heat to the hair.


Which Shark cordless vacuum is best?

The best cordless vacuum for you will depend on your home and needs. Shark cordless stick vacuums are slim, flexible and lightweight – perfect for cleaning under furniture and storing in smaller spaces – while cordless uprights with Lift-Away make it easy to vacuum stairs and inside the car, with a bigger dust cup. Look out for DuoClean if you have carpets and hard floors or choose Anti Hair Wrap if you struggle with hair tangles.

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