These 5 Secret Amazon Departments Are Full Of Amazing Deals

Shopping at Amazon just saved you even more money.

Let’s face it—Amazon owns all of us. We use it all the time, and it’s become so ingrained in our daily lives that there’s no turning back. But if the easy ordering process is detrimental to your bank account, you’re going to want to check out these five secret Amazon departments.

There are all kinds of hidden deals lurking on the Amazon website—you just have to know where to look. And don’t forget to use your Student Beans discount at Amazon to save on every order.

1. Just For Prime

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, there’s a page of exclusive discounts just for you. With huge markdowns on wildly popular products, you can find all kinds of amazing deals across all departments, from Home & Kitchen to the site’s most popular products.

2. Amazon Outlet

Amazon Outlet is exactly what it sounds like—an overstock department full of low-cost items. There’s even an entire section labeled “Under $10”, which is perfect when you’re trying to stay within your budget. Take some time and dig through the pages to find some truly surprising deals.

3. Amazon Device Deals

When you’re looking for new tech, be sure to visit Amazon Device Deals. Going to Amazon pages like “Today’s Deals” and “Amazon Devices” won’t reveal all the savings you can get on the website when it comes to new devices. There’s a wide mix of new and refurbished items for your phone, car, and more.

4. Amazon Renewed

Amazon is doing its part to help reduce waste by taking old products and making them like new again a la refurbishing. Save a ton on normally expensive products like smartphones, smartwatches, kitchen appliances, and so much more!

5. Amazon Coupons

Did you know there are coupon boxes tucked away underneath the products you’re browsing on Amazon? Yeah, neither did we. Thankfully, Amazon compiles all of their coupons in one place, allowing you to browse all kinds of deals. There’s savings available across all departments!

Okay, we’re seriously ready to do some shopping now, all while staying within our budget. And don’t forget to save even more when you use the Student Beans X Amazon discount! Because seriously, who doesn’t like saving money?

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