Mcdonalds points hack
Mcdonalds points hack

Get Your McDonald’s Meal for Free with These App Points Hacks

The Mcdonald’s points hacks to up your Mcdonald’s game.

Saving money isn’t always easy, but when you can game the system to snag some food for free? Yeah, we’re all about that life. Who doesn’t want to use a free McDonald’s points hack in order to get free McDonald’s food?

TikTok user @shelby.brooklyn recently revealed how her and her friends get free McDonald’s food every single time they go with this McDonald’s app hack. You’re obviously going to need the McDonald’s app for it to work, though!

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Free McDonald’s Food Points App Hack

While Shelby didn’t directly come out and say what the hack was, plenty of other TikTok users were quick to share the McDonald’s app hack. Shelby herself even confirmed it in the comments section.

The key? Order a reward through the McDonald’s app, then wait 15 minutes. Go inside your local McDonald’s, and log into your McDonald’s account at the kiosk. You can then order another reward without waiting.

Users also commented that another key is to sit in the pickup spot once you’re at McDonald’s. This will help you get free McDonald’s food, too.

Other Free McDonald’s Food Points App Hacks

Plenty of other commenters stated their own McDonald’s free food app hacks that helps them save money. Here are the best of the best:

  • Do separate McDonald’s orders for every deal in order to maximize savings
  • Always claim your McDonald’s points, otherwise they go to waste
  • For anyone who works as a DoorDash employee, you can claim McDonald’s points on deliveries if the recipient doesn’t

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How do Mcdonald’s points work?

Mcdonald’s points work in a really simple way. Just download the Mcdonald’s app, order some food for pick-up or delivery and you’ll earn 1 point for every penny you spend. Once you reach 1500 points you’ll get your first reward which you can the redeem on the app. Simple!

How to get points on Mcdonald’s app?

You’ll earn Mcdonald’s points automatically when you place an order in the app. All points you earn will be stored in the Mcdonald’s app, ready for you to collect, save and use.

How many Mcdonald’s points for free food?

No matter what you order, you earn 1 point per penny spent.

Once you’ve earned 1500 points, you can choose any of the following for free:

  • small fries
  • medium salad
  • regular McCafe
  • mini McFlurry
  • hash brown
  • regular drink

For 2500 points you can redeem any of the following:

  • vegetable deluxe
  • bacon mayo chicken
  • cheesy bacon flatbread
  • medium fries
  • double cheeseburger
  • apple pie

For 4000 points you can have any of the following:

  • Big Mac
  • double sausage and egg McMuffin
  • large crispy chicken salad
  • 6 chicken McNuggets
  • McChicken sandwich
  • McPlant
  • Filet-O-Fish

For earning 5500 points, you can redeem any of the following:

  • McSpicy
  • Mighty McMuffin
  • McCrispy
  • Double quarter pounder

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Mcdonalds points hack