Get Paid $4,000 To Get Angry While Driving

Can’t control your temper while you drive? 🤬

While being a professional road rager isn’t a real job, one company wants you to document your frustrating driving experiences, all while paying you in the process.

You’ll be able to make some serious $$$ if you have any kind of anger while driving (and seriously, don’t we all?).

Let The Rage Out is hoping to hire one seriously angry driver to take part in a study about road rage. With there only being one position available, you might have to be a little…aggressive in order to get hired. But if you’re applying for the job in the first place, we doubt that will be an issue for you.

What You’ll Do

The lucky winner will take part in three two-hour driving sessions per week over the course of a month. You’ll be put in different situations in a driving simulator while VehicleFreak takes notes. They’ll be monitoring your overall reactions, heart rate, and blood pressure.

On top of that, you’ll be required to keep a road rage diary throughout the month.

What You’ll Win

If chosen, you’ll receive $4,000 for your time (and anger). Since 79% of Americans show at least some degree of road rage while driving, the competition is probably going to be pretty intense.

“We want to highlight the ways in which drivers can both combat their own road rage, and deal with other agitated drivers,” VehicleFreak said.

How To Enter

To be eligible, you need to be at least 25 years old and have one year of driving experience. You’ll also need to provide examples of your past road rage. Applications close on October 31.

Ready to apply? Click here to submit your application!

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