8 Ways To Get FREE Krispy Kreme Donuts In-Store Every Single Time

It’s always a good time for a donut. 🍩

I’m pretty sure every single person on planet earth would eat a free donut if someone gave it to them—it’s just science. That being said, not a lot of places just hand out free donuts for no reason, right?

That’s where you’re wrong.

There are plenty of options to swipe some sweet treats, including downloading their app, turning up on your birthday, joining their rewards club, dressing up for Halloween, or just knowing the right time to turn up — yes, it really is that easy.

There are so many opportunities for you to grab a free Krispy Kreme and we’ve listed all of them here so no matter the time of year, you can always indulge in a donut at no extra cost.

The “Hot Now” sign

If you’ve ever got the insatiable fix for a donut but are short on cash, Krispy Kreme is going to be the place to hit up. TikTok user @step figured out a quick and easy way to get your hands on a free delicious donut dessert.

When the “Hot Now” sign is lit up at your local Krispy Kreme, head inside to receive a free donut upon entering. No purchase necessary!

And if you’re wondering how you can determine if the donuts are hot, check out Krispy Kreme’s website to see a list of every location along with if the shop is serving hot and fresh donuts. They even have each store’s “Hot Light” hours listed!

Join Krispy Kreme Rewards

The TikTok video also lists two other ways you can get free donuts from Krispy Kreme.

If you’re not a member of Krispy Kreme’s rewards program already, signing up will net you a free donut, too. Immediately after you sign up, you’ll get an email to show in your nearest Krispy Kreme to claim a donut of your choice— that’s right, you can actually pic from any of the donuts on display and it’s yours for free!

Now you’re on their mailing list, there will be other amazing opportunities for deals and free treats sent straight to your inbox too, so be sure to check for those.

The rewards scheme will also keep track of your purchases and give you a free donut after you buy 12—pretty easily done if you ask us. You can also get points for buying coffee and a dozen donuts, so if you’re buying for a group be sure to rack up those points.

Wondering how to redeem your points? Simply share your phone number, email, or simply show them your app to claim your free Krispy Kreme. You’ve got a total of 90 days to claim your free donut so don’t wait around to redeem it.

Get free Krispy Kreme on your birthday

Once you’re in the program, you’re eligible for 12 free donuts every year on your birthday. Be sure to enter your birthday when you download the app to make the most of this deal and you’ll have 14 free donuts with zero effort on your part just from signing up to the rewards scheme.

“A” on your report card = free donuts

We love to shout about deals and freebies for students around here, so this one is a must-try if you’ve received an A on your report card. Krispy Kreme will give you a free donut for every A you have on your report card (that’s up to six free donuts).

@itsallenferrell and other TikTokers tested this one out and bagged a whole load of free donuts. If this doesn’t make those A’s a whole lot sweeter, we don’t know what does.


Krispy Kreme Free Donut Policy !? 😳🍩

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Free donuts for graduates

The fun doesn’t end there for students either as high school and college seniors can claim a whole DOZEN of free Original Glazed donuts for their graduation. To grab this amazing graduation gift, all you have to do is turn up in your “class of 2023” clothing or class ring to claim. Krispy Kreme have done this for the past 4 consecutive years so if you missed out this time, be sure to remember for the next time you graduate.

National Donut Day

National Donut Day takes place on the first Friday of June every year and is the perfect opportunity to claim a free Krispy Kreme donut. This year, the day falls on June 2, 2023 so be sure to take advantage of this holy day of the donut.

Available in all U.S. and Canadian Krispy Kremes, all you have to do is turn up and ask for your free donut. It really is that simple.


If you love to get dressed up then this one is definitely for you. Krispy Kreme gives out free donuts every year on Halloween if you turn up to the store in a costume. This freebie isn’t just for kids either, so any adults out there who are all dressed up and are in need of a pre-party snack, you know where to go. This deal only runs on October 31st for Halloween, so don’t miss out!

National Coffee Day

What goes better with a coffee than a freshly baked donut? National Coffee Day falls on 1st October 2023 this year, meaning there are two opportunities to snag a free Krispy Kreme in October. This deal is especially exciting as not only can you claim a free Original Glazed Donut, but you can also slurp your way through a free 12 oz. cup of brewed coffee.

Veterans Day

Veterans Day has plenty of deals and freebies and Krispy Kreme is no different. Veterans can pick up a free donut and a small coffee for Veterans Day.

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