Cheap Dorm Room Decor Ideas & Where To Buy

Decorate your dorm on a budget!

Looking for inexpensive dorm decor ideas ahead of college? Well, you’re in the right place. After all, college is already expensive enough and furnishing your dorm shouldn’t be another financial strain.

What Are The Rules Around Dorm Decor?

You’re definitely going to want to check with your specific college and residence hall with what the rules are since they vary widely between schools. There are, however, a few general guidelines you should follow when it comes to decorating your space.

  • Use things like push pins, masking tape, putty, or Command Strips to hang posters and tapestries. Most dorms won’t let you use nails.
  • Opt for things like bed risers to create some extra space, or loft your bed if your dorm allows it.
  • Make sure your lamps aren’t halogen.
  • Don’t hang anything from the ceiling.
  • You can’t move furniture out of your dorm.

These are the most universal rules when it comes to dorm decorating, but again, each university and residence hall has their own set of rules, so be sure to check with them before you get going.

Cheap Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

1. Unique Lighting, $35 & up

cheap dorm room light

Lights that double as decor? Yes, please. EP Design Lab sells unique lightbulbs that can screw into most lamps, or even stand on their own as a statement piece. They’re reasonably-priced considering how artistic they are, and Student Beans lets you save 20% on your order!

2. Throw Pillows, $29.75

dorm room pillow

Pillows are an easy way to add some color and personality to your space without spending too much money. Society6 has hundreds of designs available, so take some time to pick your favorite. And don’t forget to use your student discount to save 25%!

Dorm Lighting

3. RGB Bluetooth Strip Lights, $49.99

cheap dorm lighting

Want to add some soft lighting to your dorm that still complies with all the rules and regulations set by your dorm? These strip lights will do the trick. They use an adhesive to stick to the walls, and you can even cut them to whatever length. Plus, you get a sweet student discount at Govee!

4. Hexagon Light Panels, $149.99

cool dorm lighting

If you want to splurge a little bit, Govee also makes these hexagon light panels that you can arrange in any pattern on your walls! It’s a great investment if your dorm has terrible lighting, and they’re easy to install and remove, making it great for your future living space, too.

Wall Decor

5. Artsy Posters, $3.87 & up

dorm wall decor

Posters are an essential part of any good college dorm, but do better than the crappy posters you can get anywhere. Desenio has hundreds of options, and all of them are totally unique. Just be sure to use your student discount to save on all your poster finds!

6. Tapestries, $43 & up

dorm room tapestries

If you have a big, ugly wall in your dorm you want to cover up (and to just make your room feel more cozy, in general), a wall tapestry covers a lot of space without costing much. Redbubble has thousands of artists constantly uploading their designs, so you’ll definitely find the perfect piece. You even can save 15% with Student Beans!

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Dorm Room Storage

7. Storage Bins, $35 (set of two)

college storage boxes

We all know how important having plenty of storage in college dorms is. Cloth storage bins will give you plenty of options. Stick them on shelves, have them next to your desk, keep them in your closet—the options are endless. Just be sure to get plenty to use for all kinds of things!

8. Shelf With Clothing Rail, $28.99

hand jewellery storage

Plenty of stuff in your dorm will have to double up on what it can do. Enter this storage shelf with a clothing rack. Keep little odds and ends on the shelf while using the rack to hang up tomorrow’s outfit for class! This version from PB Teen is even on sale right now!

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Soft Furnishing & Bedding Ideas

9. A Cozy Comforter, $229.95

dorm comforter

Heed our advice: invest in a quality comforter from the start. Dorms can be notoriously hot or cold, and getting a good night’s sleep is always worth it. This one from Cozy Earth might seem pricey, but did you know you get 40% off with your Student Beans discount? That brings the price down to a little over $100!

10. Quality Sheets, $115

Much like the comforter, sheets are an important part of your college bedding, too. Remember, most college dorm beds are Twin XL. Peacock Alley sells super comfy sheets in the Twin XL size, and you can even save some money when you shop thanks to your student discount!

Other Dorm Decor Ideas

11. Artificial Plants, $8.40 & up

dorm room plants

Adding greenery is a great way to freshen up your space, and if your dorm doesn’t get much light, artificial plants are a great, budget-friendly option. Home Depot has tons of different varieties, and you can even save an extra 25% with your Student Beans discount!

12. No Nails Photo Rail, $29

no nails shelves

Another great solution if your dorm is a stickler about how you hang things on the walls. You can display all your favorite photos without having to hammer a single nail in the wall. We think this would look perfect over your desk!

Do you feel totally inspired and ready to decorate your dorm, all while staying within your budget? It’s easier than you think, especially when Student Beans is here to help you save money every step of the way!

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