Myprotein x HYROX: Why HYROX Should Be Your New Workout

The workout you didn’t know you needed.

Have you been in an exercise rut lately? Or maybe you’re looking for a new thing to get you moving. Either way, we’ve found the ultimate way for you to get a sweat sesh in that will leave you wanting more. Allow us to introduce you to HYROX.

Whether you’ve been curious about HYROX but weren’t sure you wanted to take the plunge or if you’ve never heard of it, we’re here to help you get started. Plus, we’ve got all the supplements and nutrition covered, too. Thanks to Myprotein’s new partnership with HYROX, you’ll be fueled and ready to take on your new workout routine with confidence.

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What is HYROX?

HYROX combines tons of different functionalities of fitness and rolls them into one workout. As HYROX says themselves, “HYROX is fitness racing.”

Regardless of what the workout looks like, there are a few things present in every race: a 1 km run and 1 functional workout station, repeated eight times.

Here’s what the standard HYROX race looks like:

  • 1 km run
  • 1000m Ski ERG
  • 1 km run
  • Sled push
  • 1 km run
  • Sled pull
  • 1 km run
  • Burpee broad jumps
  • 1 km run
  • 1000m rowing
  • 1 km run
  • Farmer’s carry
  • 1 km run
  • Sandbag lunges
  • 1 km run
  • 75 (women) or 100 (men) wallballs

While this might look overwhelming, don’t worry—there are four different divisions of competition for HYROX.

  1. Open: The standard HYROX race.
  2. Pro: For the experienced racer, includes heavier weights.
  3. Doubles: The standard HYROX race as a pair; both participants run, but split the workout stations however they like.
  4. Relay: The standard HYROX race taken on as a team of four; each teammate completes 2x 1 km of running followed by one workout station.

How can I get started doing HYROX?

So now that you’ve determined you want to start training like a HYROX athlete, it’s time to start working!

The biggest thing you can do in preparation for HYROX is to learn the movements and their standards. That way, you’re training for exactly what you’re going to see at the race. Plus, you’re building all the muscles you need to succeed at the sport.

It’s also important to train this way to avoid injuries and poor movement standards. If you want a little extra help in terms of training, check out this handy tool to help you find a gym that partners with HYROX! These gyms have certified HYROX trainers to ensure that you’re training in the right way.

Sample HYROX Training Day

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next (or first!) HYROX training day, you’re going to want to hit up the HYROX Instagram. They post workouts all the time to help boost your training and get the HYROX movements down.

Here’s one to try out:


  • Wallballs (men 6kg, women 4kg)
  • Push-ups
  • Sandbag lunges (men 20kg, women 10kg)
  • Sit-ups

Even if you’re not training to compete in an official HYROX race, you can still train like it! These kinds of workouts will never be boring and push you in different ways every time you exercise.

Nutrition & HYROX

Exercising at this capacity requires a solid nutritional foundation, which means fueling properly before, during, and after workouts. Lucky for you, HYROX recently partnered with Myprotein, ensuring you have everything you need in terms of supplements for HYROX.


There’s a variety of things you can have before your workout to help give you energy. Some kinds of carbs are a must in terms of food, but pre-workout powders, drinks, and more can give you a quick stimulant bolt (usually caffeine) to get your engine going.


When you’re training for a longer period of time, it’s important to give yourself some calories in the middle of your session. This is where fast-acting carbs and BCAAs come in to keep you energized and hydrated.


Now that you’re done training, you’ll need to give your muscles so much-needed protein to recover. When you work out, your muscles tear (small tears, so no need to worry). When they heal back together, that’s how muscle is built. Giving your body enough protein within 30-90 minutes after exercise helps them heal back stronger, and therefore bigger!

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