We’ve Found 6 Holiday Destinations That Are Shockingly Cheap

Planning a holiday on a budget this summer? We’ve got you covered.

Summer is just around the corner and if you’re desperate for a getaway, you’re not alone. However, planning a holiday on a student budget can be pretty stressful when you have to factor in flights, accommodation, food AND entertainment costs.

Luckily, with you can easily research and book hotels worldwide to help take some of the pressure off–– you’ll even be able to cancel for free if you change your mind. With the app, you can save an average of 15% on thousands of hotels, plus earn rewards while you’re travelling to use on your next trip. Best of all? You can get a student discount at so you can make booking your accommodation just that little bit cheaper and start focusing more on your itinerary instead!

So, now you know that your accommodation won’t have to cost the world here are some cheap holiday destinations you need to check out for summer.

1. Naples, Italy


If you want to visit Italy, Naples is the perfect place for an authentic Italian experience. Not only was pizza invented in Naples, but it’s also widely known as a budget-friendly city compared to other popular tourist destinations in Italy such as Rome or Milan.

Naples has a metro system making it super easy for travellers to get around on a budget, as well as good bus links across the city. Of course, on a trip to Italy, food will probably be at the top of your priorities and Naples is known for its affordable dining. Not to mention, the pizza in Naples will probably be the best pizza you’ll ever taste.

There are lots of historical tourist attractions from churches to museums that are free to visit as well as endless markets and street art that you can browse. One of the biggest tourist attractions, however, nearby is Pompeii which has endless history to explore. Naples is a city full of history, and a perfect all-around budget-friendly trip.

2. Budapest, Hungary


Budapest is one of the most popular budget-friendly tourist destinations in Europe, so if you haven’t been yet 2023 might be the time to book your flights.

The capital of Hungary has so much to offer tourists, from great food to rich history. Budapest has just one airport and an affordable public transport system making it easy for tourists to explore without having to rely on Ubers or expensive taxis. If you prefer partying while on holiday, Budapest is famous for its Ruin Bars and there’s a vibrant nightlife scene with cheap drinks across the city.

Of course, the nightlife and great food make it a popular student destination but if you prefer to do some exploring while you’re on holiday, there are plenty of castles and museums that are either free or cheap to visit. The House of Terror, Fisherman’s Bastion and Parliament Building are some of the must-visit places to add to your list!

3. Vienna, Austria


Vienna is the capital of Austria, and like Budapest has become a popular European tourist destination for those on a budget. While Vienna itself is often regarded as the most expensive area of Austria (it is the capital city after all) it’s still a super affordable place to visit and enjoy.

With a cheap and affordable metro, tram and bus system you can easily visit the major tourist attractions without having to fork out loads, not to mention walking is free too and there’s definitely a lot you can see on foot. In fact, there are free guided walking tours of Vienna or popular attractions that will introduce you to some of the city’s rich history, as well as free entry to parks and museums.

One great hack for tourists is purchasing a Vienna Card which can be valid for 24-72 hours and will give you free unlimited travel across the city as well as discounts at museums, shops and restaurants! You’ll be able to purchase one online or at the airport to help you plan your trip properly.

4. Athens, Greece


Athens is a great place for sightseeing with endless ancient ruins, churches, monuments museums and archaeological sights you can visit to get an idea of ancient Greek history, so you definitely won’t run out of things to see and do!

If you want to visit Greece, you’ll know that many popular Greek tourist destinations such as Santorini and Mykonos are not cheap to visit. However, luckily if you’re on a budget, Athens is one of the most affordable European capitals if you want an authentic Greek experience.

There’s a cheap and reliable metro system to help tourists get around the city and lots of traditional Greek restaurants and bakeries for fresh, authentic and affordable Greek food. Overall Athens is a beautiful and historic city, so if you’re interested in history and love great food too, it’s definitely one to add to your list.

5. Hanoi, Vietnam


If you want to travel a bit further than Europe, you might think that you’ll need to be more cautious with your money. If you want to explore Southeast Asia, while it definitely will be harder to score cheaper flights outside of Europe, once you arrive at your destination it’s definitely doable on a budget.

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and is widely regarded as a budget-friendly tourist destination. From food, shopping and beautiful architecture there’s a lot to do in Hanoi which won’t cost the world.

First of all, when it comes to food not only will you have access to the best Vietnamese meals but you’ll also find lots of cheap and affordable street food, market stalls and restaurants which is perfect if the food is a priority for you when you go on holiday.

You’ll also be able to explore Vietnamese history from the many museums and a stroll around the Old Quarter will offer you free guided walking tours as well as a visit to the lively markets. As such a history-rich city, many attractions will be free to visit or super affordable so you can easily have a jam-packed holiday on a small budget.

6. Sofia, Bulgaria


The capital of Bulgaria is another popular European destination for those on a budget. Be prepared for a lot of walking as this will be one of the best ways to see the city and the free city walking tour will give you 2 hours of the city’s best historical sites, including the iconic central mineral baths.

Sofia is home to many museums and cathedrals which will either be free or have affordable entry prices (and if you don’t want to pay for entry, you can always admire from the outside) and there are many other free (or cheap) tours you can sign up for, such as the graffiti tour of the city’s best street art or cycling or hiking tours if you’d prefer that to walking.

When it comes to food and drink, Sofia has lots of cheap supermarkets and food stalls where you can grab quick eats on a budget or if you’d like to dine out, the restaurants are also great value for money too.

Hopefully, we’ve given you a better idea of some affordable student budget-friendly destinations to check out this year! Don’t forget to use your student discount at to help you save some money when booking your holidays this summer.

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