man with laptop bag
man with laptop bag

8 Best Laptop Bags And Accessories

Here are some of the best laptop accessories. From cooling pads to laptop sleeves, we’ve got you covered.

Laptop bags and accessories…who’d have thought there’s so many to choose from? You use your laptop for studying, playing games, streaming movies or maybe even all three. But no matter what you use it for, you’ll probably want to know how to make your laptop last. With the right storage and stationary solutions, you can prolong the life of your laptop and make it more comfortable to use and carry around.

Something as simple as a laptop bag or cooling pad can help keep your laptop safe, secure and cool. We’ve popped a guide together of the best laptop bags and accessories to keep you and your laptop happy. From silent cooling pads to, eco-friendly laptop sleeves with multiple compartments, we’ve got tons of accessories to consider for all budgets. If you’re looking for the perfect studying posture, you might want to check out our favourite ergonomic laptop stands too.

Whether you own a Windows, 2-in-1 laptop or MacBook, check out our best laptop bag and accessory picks that are guaranteed to improve the way you study, work and play.

Best laptop cooling pads

1. havit Cooling Pad 12″-17″ Laptop Cooler with 3 Ultra Quiet Fans — £21.99

havit Cooling Pad 12"-17" Laptop Cooler with 3 Ultra Quiet Fans blue and black

The havit Cooling Pad is a USB-powered pad to keep your laptop cool while providing ergonomic support. It’s fantastic for gamers or those who use multiple programs that can cause your laptop to get a little hot.

This laptop cooling pad sports 2 high-speed fans to supply airflow, yet are very quiet and won’t sound distracting. It also doubles up as an adjustable laptop stand, which is great if you need to adjust the height to how you type. Plus, it’s skidproof, so you won’t need to worry about any accidental slips.

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2. TECKNET Laptop and Notebook Cooling — £21.99

TECKNET Laptop and Notebook Cooling pad for laptops

TECKNET Laptop Cooler with 2 quiet and strong fans provides fast cooling. The strong metal mesh can effectively support the weight of the laptop and also help the laptop to dissipate heat. Got a triple silent cooling fan system, a metal mesh surface for as much airflow as possible, dual USB ports and it’s anti-skid, meaning you can pop it on your lap while you work or game on your laptop.

In terms of devices, you can use it on pretty much any laptop measuring up to 17-inches in size, making it an all-rounder for those with student laptops.

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Best laptop bags

3. HP Prelude Pro 17.3-inch Laptop Bag — £40

HP Prelude Pro 17.3-inch Laptop Bag

Wondering why the price point is a little higher than usual? That’s because this HP laptop bag is made from 95% recycled external fabric, and treated with a water-resistant coating. It’s light, stylish, durable and good for the planet! It measures 17.3-inches and contains zip pockets to store your charger, earphones or other cables you’ll need.

You can adjust the shoulder strap to suit the height you need. Plus, it’s padded, meaning it won’t wear you down with prolonged carry. It comes with a year’s limited warranty too to cover your back. 

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4. Lenovo 15.6 Laptop Casual Toploader T210 — £19.99

Lenovo 15.6 inch Laptop Casual Toploader T210

This 15.6-inch laptop bag is great for those with small to medium-sized laptops at a great price. Weighing in at only 435g, you can easily fit a laptop that won’t weigh you down.

The Lenovo 15.6″ Laptop Casual Toploader T210 sports water-repellent fabric and a minimal look and feel for a laptop case that’ll look perfect anywhere and everywhere. It also has built-in compartments to fit books, wires, notepads and more. The zipper is also cleverly hidden from the outside, giving it a clean look.

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Best laptop backpack

5. HP OMEN Transceptor 15 Backpack — £49.99

HP OMEN Transceptor 15 Backpack

Perfect for gamers and students alike, the HP OMEN transceptor 15 backpack has a padded laptop compartment with tons of pockets to organise all of your other devices, wires and notepads. It’s the perfect blend of style, protection and functionality, all while giving you comfort by distributing weight evenly across your back and shoulders.

Plus, it’s tailored for travel too. So if you’re planning a gap year or want to take it on holiday, you can easily pack your laptop and items for a short trip away. Finally, it’s got a water-resistant exterior, so you won’t have to worry about it getting wet in the rain. 

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6. Dell Pro Slim Backpack 15 — £31.70

Dell Pro Slim Backpack 15 inch

Another Earth-friendly laptop bag for the eco-conscious. The Dell Pro Slim Backpack 15 (PO1520PS) allows you to slot a laptop up to 15-inches, plus other peripherals, into its highly protected bag. It’s made from planet-friendly dyes that have consumed less water, energy and CO2 emissions in the making. Plus, it has a water-resistant coating to ensure your belongings (and most importantly, your laptop!) remain dry in rainy weather.

Finally, it has a ​​3-year limited warranty too, perfect for any manufacturing faults to cover the length of an entire university degree.

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Best laptop sleeves

7. Dell EcoLoop Leather Sleeve 15 — £63.97

Dell EcoLoop Leather Sleeve 15

While designed for the Latitude 9520/9510 laptop, there’s no rule against using it to protect other laptops that measure up to 15-inches! 

This eco-friendly laptop sleeve, known as the Dell EcoLoop Leather Sleeve 15, is built with an exterior made up of 50% recycled leather fibers and was laser-cut for a sleek looking design. It’s built with a zippered closure to protect your laptop or tablet from an accidental slip or spill from your food or drink. It’s super lightweight too, measuring only 360g, making your everyday carry to and from class a breeze.

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8. Acer Vero Sleeve — £24.99

Acer Vero laptop Sleeve

The Acer Vero Sleeve is the cheapest laptop sleeve for students and it’s made from 100% recycled materials (recycled plastic bottles to be exact). It’s suitable for laptops measuring up to 15.6-inches. Again, it’s designed to fit the Acer Vero, but if your laptop is within the range of 15.6-inches, then you can fit it in the Acer Vero laptop sleeve perfectly.

It has a front pocket with a zip to keep your wires and other belongings secure. It also comes with Acer’s 2-year standard warranty (just be sure to keep the card that it comes with if you ever need to use it).

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And that wraps up plenty of laptop bags and accessories to choose from! If you ever want to keep in the know of discounts on these accessories, sign up to Student Beans to get the latest tech deals and more.

How to measure laptop screen size

Curious about how to measure a laptop screen? To measure the length of a laptop screen, take a measuring tape (or ruler) and start measuring from the bottom left of the laptop screen diagonally to the top right of the laptop screen. The end result is your laptop size. It’s best to measure this in inches as this is how they’re advertised, but you can always convert from centimetres to inches if need be using an online conversion tool.

How much does a laptop weigh?

A laptop can weigh anywhere between 1 to 5kg. Nowadays, laptops are much lighter and aren’t usually over 3kg, but depending on what you need it for and how many features you need, it can have an effect on how easily (or tough) it is to carry around. Make sure you get a laptop bag or sleeve that can support the weight well enough (we recommend buying one from the original manufacturer as they’ll know best).

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