Best laptop stands
Best laptop stands

10 Best Ergonomic Laptop Stands 2023

If you work a lot, laptop stands can be a really great option to help you work smarter while elevating pressure on your wrists and back. Laptop stands not only allow you to work more efficiently in your workspace, but can also help to improve your posture if you have the tendency to slouch and can easily help convert your laptop into a desktop.

Quality laptop accessories can make a big difference to your life (and your posture!), so, if you’re looking at economic laptop stands, here are some of our favourite choices to suit all budgets and needs.

Best ergonomic laptop stands 2023

Laptop stands for desks

1. Collapsible Laptop Stand- Typo, £15

Typo laptop stand

If you’re looking at laptop stands to help you work, this stand is small but convenient and designed to be aesthetically pleasing on your desk. It comes in 5 colours, lilac, blue, pink, mint or natural and is compatible with most 15-inch or smaller laptops.

The laptop stand is collapsible so you can easily tuck it away when you’re not using it, so it won’t take up too much space on your desk. While there are no fancy features with this stand, it’s functional and does the job so it’s perfect if you don’t want to spend too much money on a laptop stand.


  • Comes in 5 colours
  • Affordable
  • Collapsible


  • No additional features other than holding your laptop
  • Can’t hold 16-17-inch laptops or bigger

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2. R-Go Riser Flexible Laptop Stand- Dell, £71.99

Dell laptop stand

If you want to spend a bit more money on a laptop stand that’s going to last for a long time this aluminium stand is the perfect desk companion. It’s adjustable and flexible so you can set it up to the right height and angle to suit you and it can be placed in 5 different positions.

It’s great for taking on the go if you’re planning on working on a train or in public, but it will also look great stored on your desk to help boost your productivity while working.


  • Adjustable
  • Portable


  • Expensive and there are more affordable options out there

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Laptop riser stands

3. Gokeda Laptop Stand- Amazon, £26.99

Ergonomic laptop stand

This laptop stand is adjustable and can suit a whole range of laptops from 11 to 17-inches and a variety of brands including Apple, Dell, Lenovo and Samsung — so you won’t have to worry about your laptop not being compatible.

The height of the stand can be adjusted to the perfect eye height to help improve your posture and improve neck, shoulder or back pain while you’re working all day. Made from aluminium the laptop stand can support even the heaviest of laptops and the structure allows for airflow to cool the laptop to prevent overheating while you’re using it.


  • Compatible with the majority of laptops
  • Affordable
  • Can elevate your desk set up as keyboards and mice can be easily placed underneath the stand


  • Not portable, designed for keeping on a desk

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Laptop tables

4. SIMPDIY Side Table- Amazon, £29.99

Laptop table

If you’re looking at laptop stands and would prefer a table to work from, this is a great option. The height is adjustable so you can achieve comfortable posture and the wheels on the bottom mean you can easily move it around your home, so you can work from bed or from your sofa.

The shelf underneath is also useful for storage for books or your charger. If you don’t have space in your room to get a full desk for working, this is a really great option as an alternative.


  • Affordable
  • Great alternative to a desk


  • Can’t be used as a portable laptop stand

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Laptop trays

5. AviiatoR® Laptop Tray- Amazon, £24.95

Laptop tray

If you’re looking for laptop stands that can be multifunctional, this laptop tray is a good option to boost productivity. You can work from anywhere from a train to your bed, and easily create a functional desk setup in a few minutes.

The laptop tray comes with a handle so you can easily carry it around with you, and comes with room to hold your laptop, phone and a mouse. The cushioning on the wrist pad is also designed to relieve sore wrists and the dual cushions underneath the tray are there for the ultimate comfort.


  • Fits up to 17-inch laptops
  • Space for your phone and a mouse
  • Great for travelling
  • Affordable


  • Not designed for using on a desk

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6. Adjustable Laptop Bed Tray- Amazon, £23.99

Laptop tray blue

If you’re looking at laptop stands because you like to work from your bed or the floor, this is the right stand for you. This laptop tray is large enough to accommodate your laptop or tablet, a drink, snacks, notepads, books, your phone and whatever else you might like to keep on your desk.

When you’re not using your laptop tray you can easily fold it away and store it behind a door or under your bed, and you can also use it as a table too for when you’re not working (or for watching Netflix comfortably in bed!)


  • Pre-assembled
  • Affordable
  • Lots of space to create your perfect setup


  • Height can’t be adjusted

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MacBook stands

7. Twelve South ParcSlope Stand- Apple, £49.95

MacBook stand

While most laptop stands can accommodate a wide variety of laptop brands if you have a MacBook and want a stand that’s best designed to optimise its performance there are a few great options out there. The Twelve South ParcSlope stand can be used with both the MacBook Air and Pro or iPad and will elevate your screen for better ergonomics.

The design also comes with built-in cable management to make your desk setup more organised and is designed to increase airflow and cool down your MacBook while you’re working.


  • Specifically designed to accommodate MacBooks or Ipads
  • Comes with cable management and adjustable options


  • Quite expensive compared to others on this list

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8. Twelve South HiRise Adjustable Stand- Apple, £59.95

Ergonomic macbook stand

This HiRise stand is designed specifically for Macbooks, with adjustable height and silicone-lined arms that will grip your laptop so you don’t have to worry about the stand giving way and damaging your MacBook. If you want to use your MacBook as a desktop, you can benefit from the free space at the bottom to set up your external mouse or keyboard and be confident that this stand is sturdy enough to hold your MacBook safely.


  • Designed specifically for MacBooks
  • Strong and sturdy


  • Quite expensive compared to others on this list

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Wooden laptop stands

9. HUANUO Laptop Tray- Amazon, £54.99

Wooden stand

If you’re looking at wooden laptop stands, this is a great multifunctional option that’s designed for comfort and support while using. While this is a laptop stand, you can also use it as a reading or writing desk, and you can easily store your laptop or tablet as well as your phone, so you can check your phone while you’re using your laptop.

The wrist pad provides a comfortable position to place your wrist on to enhance your work efficiency and keep you comfortable while working all day and the whole stand is easy to carry around so you can work easier in public.


  • Environmentally friendly
  • Comfortable wrist pad
  • Can hold your phone and your laptop


  • Not suitable for left-handed people due to the position of the mousepad being on the right

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10. Zipom 100% Portable Bamboo Laptop Stand Foldable Desk- Amazon, £26.98

wooden laptop stand

This bamboo laptop stand can be adjusted in height to suit your needs and has a few handy features to help you work more productively. The drawer can be used to store items and there’s space for a cup on the main desk as well as space for your laptop, books or tablet.

The desk is made of high-quality bamboo and is easy to clean and store away and can also be used in bed or as a table while you’re sitting on the floor, which is great if you don’t have enough space to get a proper desk setup in your room.


  • Made from sustainable bamboo
  • Drawers for storage
  • Height adjustable
  • Affordable


  • Can’t be used with a desk
  • Not good for travelling

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What height should a desk be?

The perfect desk height will depend on your height. The standard desk height is 71.12 cm (28 inches) tall, which is perfect for people between 5’8 and 5’10. However, if you are shorter or taller than this, chances are your desk might not be the correct height for you, so if you can adjust your desk to accommodate for this, it could be worthwhile.

Is an ergonomic laptop stand worth it?

If you spend a lot of time working on your laptop, then an ergonomic laptop can definitely be really helpful. Laptop stands not only improve how you sit but can also make your desk space less cluttered, or allow you to work efficiently from different spaces such as your bed or sofa. So, if you do spend most of the day working from your laptop, a laptop stand is definitely something worth investing in.

Are laptop stands better for posture?

Laptop stands can be beneficial for your posture as they force you to sit up straight rather than slouching, as they refocus your eye line. You can also get some laptop stands that provide additional support on your wrists, to reduce aching when you’ve been working for a few hours. If you do find that you tend to slouch or get back pain while working, a laptop stand can really help to improve this.

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