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So far have been extremely happy, everything running smooth.
No issues and i feel much safer using their service. I got their full package with NordPass and the Locker, and so far great experience, i was even surprised the VPN is smooth and fast.
Thanks Nord for the protection and the great service you are offering, i came from a competitor that let me down with. data breach so so far i feel safe with your service, and privacy options are amazing.
Love it will continue until this changes!


Quality, responsive, politeness. L love NordVPN, as I'm a user for years already, I will keep it as my no.1 VPN service (iItried many before).


Nordvpn appeared to be a good VPN to me. It is fast and easy to install. As Linux user you can choose 2 options to protect your computer with the network manager or the commandline.
For the Android phone there also is a easy to use app witch works good.
Also the support reacts very fast and good when you eventually need that.
I do recommend NordVPN highly!


The service is excellent. It stands out for its ease of use, speed and security. As always the customer service is fast and friendly - solving any problems the user has.




What is a VPN?

VPN, which stands for virtual private network, is a service designed to safeguard your internet connection and maintain online privacy. Utilizing a VPN allows you to:

  • Enhance the security of your online connection, even when using public Wi-Fi.
  • Modify your IP (Internet Protocol) address.
  • Prevent your internet provider from monitoring your activities.

NordVPN is a Virtual Private Network that helps make the internet connection on your devices more secure through data encryption. Enjoy one-click security anywhere you go with a two-year plan from a world-leading VPN provider.

Key features:

  • Over 6000 servers worldwide with 60 available locations;
  • Access content while traveling. Stream your favorite movies and TV shows securely and privately, no matter where you are;
  • One NordVPN account will cover 6 devices at the same time;
  • Threat Protection feature which secures you from ads, trackers and malware;
  • Meshnet, a feature that lets you access remote devices over encrypted private tunnels no matter where in the world they are. This allows LAN gaming and much more!

NordPass is an intuitive password manager that helps individuals and businesses securely store passwords and other sensitive information in a single encrypted vault and access it all on demand. Brought to you by security experts behind NordVPN, NordPass is designed for a smooth and secure online experience.

Key features:

  • Save passwords with one click. Every time you log into a new website or create a new online account, NordPass will prompt you to save your passwords and remember them for future use.
  • Automatic logging in on any website;
  • Sync passwords across all your devices.
  • Unlimited password storage;
    - Keep your credit cards safe and enter their details when shopping online on the go. Simply scan the cards with the built-in OCR scanner - no manual entry required.

Meshnet is a way to safely access other devices, no matter where in the world they are. Once set up, Meshnet functions just like a secure local area network (LAN) — it connects devices directly. This makes Meshnet a great fit for activities that require high speed, low latency, and advanced security — activities like file sharing, active work collaborations, and intense multiplayer gaming. More info here.

NordLocker is an encryption tool anyone can use to protect their files from snoopers, hackers, and advertisers. NordLocker can secure files locally on the user’s computer or sync them via a zero-knowledge cloud for easy access at any time.

Key features: 
-Drop your files into the app, and NordLocker will do the rest. Your files are synced and backed up automatically, so you never lose them.
-Encryption works on any file — small or large. Documents, photos, videos, folders, you name it.

  • Enjoy privacy across all your devices. Use NordLocker with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices.
  • Secure local and cloud-based storage;
    - Secure and sync your files via an end-to-end encrypted cloud. You can access them locally, on the cloud, or even on a public computer — your files are never exposed.


Why do students need a VPN?

  • A VPN helps secure your connection on public Wi-Fi, allowing you to browse privately. On public hotspots, hackers may attempt to steal your data, but a VPN renders your online traffic invisible to them.
  • To access content from home while traveling.
  • Government entities, advertisers, and ISPs are eager to track and collect information about your browsing history, messages, and other personal data. The best way to maintain privacy is a VPN.
  • If you enjoy online gaming, NordVPN protects against DDoS attacks and bandwidth throttling. - With a VPN, you can make sure to shop securely and that your credit card details remain safe .
  • Stream your favorite TV shows without lag. NordVPN helps ensure an enjoyable movie night by preventing ISPs from throttling your connection.


What should I look for when choosing a VPN?

When choosing a VPN you’re looking for speed, security, and privacy, and with free VPNs, you’re unlikely to get any of it. Such providers often don't allocate resources to their server networks, resulting in potentially unstable VPN connections and IP address leaks. Additionally, they need a means of generating revenue, which may involve selling user data in some instances. Rather than focusing solely on the lowest-cost option, prioritize finding a trustworthy VPN service provider.


Can I set up NordVPN on all my devices?

NordVPN provides apps for all big platforms, ensuring compatibility with Macs, Android tablets, and Windows laptops alike.

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