1 Available Student Discount

Ninja Kitchen

The discount is not applicable on accessories, bundles, already discounted models and the following list of SKUs while supplies last:
Models OG701, OG751, OG701RD, BN601, CP307, CP301, JC151, SF301, ST101, C20480, C50480, C300B1, C35000W, K52013, NC501, CW102, SS151, BN401, CI101, CM401, DCM201, KT200, K30020, K30118, K32002, K31300, MC1001, BW1001, EG201, IG601, C30020Z, C30026Z, C30030Z, C30465, C30928, C30830, C60020, C60026, C60030, C62000, C20030, C20130, C20020, C30630, C20215, C20225, C30528, C50480, C33000B, C30628, C20235, C20465, C30530, C300B1, C33000B, B32002, B33003, B35005, CFP201SS, C59500SS, NC201, BC151, SKU WC1001, Ninja® CREAMi

Minimum spend: $150

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