About Us

Student Beans is a youth media brand. We produce entertaining content and provide useful resources to make student life a little more awesome.

Every day our web, mobile and social platforms serve as hubs for articles, offers, jobs and more – all curated especially for the student market.

Behind The Beans

Student Beans sprouted in June 2005 from a brainwave James Eder had while at Birmingham University. He thought that there should be a single hub where students could find useful stuff like offers and discounts, and have some fun at the same time.

About us eder

So James went on a quest with his brother Michael all over Birmingham to tell as many local businesses as he could. Some of them were very friendly, and some of them weren’t so nice, but by the time launch day came round over 200 of them were on board. The other students loved the idea too, and between sleeping on floors and getting rugby tackled in a bean suit James signed up half of the students in Birmingham.

They launched in 18 cities over the next year, and it wasn’t long before Student Beans became the UK’s most popular youth media brand, reaching hundreds of thousands of people every day. It was more than just the two brothers by now of course: they were a team of over 50 people working on all sorts of ideas to help students - stuff like a cookbook, a voucher book, an app and even an online freshers fair. Happily ever after? Well, that’s the plan!