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The Squarespace student offer code (“Offer Code”) is the property of Squarespace, Inc. and Squarespace Ireland Limited (“Squarespace”) and, together with any Offer Code holders, is subject to the following terms and conditions, as well as to the Squarespace Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policy, Product Specific Terms, Copyright Policy, Data Processing Addendum and Privacy Policy located on the site (the “Squarespace Policies”).

Offer Codes can be redeemed on any new annual subscription plan purchase for a Squarespace website as available on the Squarespace site ( at the time of purchase only (the "Applicable Plans").

The Offer Code is redeemable immediately and until the end of each calendar year, including December 31, 00:00:00 EST (“Expiration Date”).

Failure to use an Offer Code by the Expiration Date shall result in the forfeiture of such Offer Code.

Authorised students can obtain only one Offer Code every 12 months, whether the Offer Code is redeemed or not.

Offer Codes are personal and may be used only once.

The Offer Code holder is solely responsible for the lawful use of the Offer Code.

Squarespace reserves the right to modify or cancel this offer without prior notice.

Other applicable restrictions and exclusions may apply.

Offer Codes are void where prohibited by applicable law.

In the event of any violation of these terms or the Squarespace Policies, Squarespace reserves the right to take any available legal action.

Read more about the Squarespace Student Discount here.

Offer Codes cannot be redeemed for any renewal subscriptions, gift cards, cash value, credit or Squarespace services and products other than the Applicable Plans.

Offer Codes may not be duplicated, sold or transferred.

Offer Codes are not valid with any other discounts, promotions or offer codes.

Offer Codes cannot be used to pay for taxes, or other applicable ancillary charges which may result from the purchase using the Offer Code.

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