Warwick Castle & Dungeons

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HUZZAH! Choose your side as Wars of the Roses Live returns every day of the summer holidays.

Charging back in to action with all new stunts and tricks, this critically acclaimed live action family show spectacularly brings to life the epic battle for the English throne and features ferocious horseback battles, astounding stunt riding, and swashbuckling sword fighting.

Plan your invasion to Warwick Castle this year; explore Medieval Towers & Battlements, try your hand at archery and marvel at the lavish interiors of the magnificent house – there really is something for everyone. Witness The Mighty Trebuchet, the largest working catapult in the world, launch a cannonball 150ft into the air (twice daily) and The Bowman Show will leave you gawping in awe as you admire the skill and agility of the castle’s resident Archer (twice daily).

Don’t miss the spectacular Flight of the Eagles Show (twice daily) featuring an impressive collection of eagles, buzzards and vultures and look out for Rosie, the UK’s one and only free-flying Andean Condor!

With a wingspan of over 10ft you will be in awe as you see her take to the skies.

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