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Extra 10% Student Discount

on all BIAS software products, including BIAS FX 2, BIAS AMP 2, and more

at Positive Grid

About this student discount

Get an exclusive discount on all BIAS software including BIAS FX 2, BIAS AMP 2, and more.

Enjoy extra 10% off on top of existing offer!

  1. Only applicable in USA/UK.

  2. Each coupon code is valid for a limited time only and expires on the date specified in the offer.

  3. You can only use a coupon code once.

  4. You can not use a software coupon code in a hardware order. ex. A Spark amp order.

  5. Each coupon code has a minimum purchase requirement. Your order must exceed the minimum purchase requirement for the coupon to take effect.

  6. Coupon will be expired in 60 days.

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